August 18th, 2008 | 12 Comments

Need For Speed!

Time is precious and No one likes waiting.
Here are some tips that will speed up your computer and save your time.

20 Minutes is all you need :) :

  • Install CCleaner. This free program will cleanup all kinds of useless junk off your computer.
  • Disable Unneeded Visual Effects:

(Removes all the unwanted visual effects and increases your computer’s performance)

1. Click your “Start” button to access the start menu
2. Then right click on “My Computer”
3. Select “Properties”
4. Select the “Advanced” tab
5. Then under the “Performance” tab select “Settings”
6. Click “Adjust for best performance”
7. Save these settings by clicking “OK”

  • It is essential to keep your computer free of unwanted registry data. This really hinders your performance.

The solution lies in a registry cleaner. You can download one here.

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Do you have any other tips?
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12 Responses to “Need For Speed!”

  1. Samantha says:

    I face the same problems sometimes too. What I did is to run my computer through a computer check up and it was all fixed. If you are interested you can do the same at Apparantly they provide alot of free tools to help in speeding up the computer.

  2. scatterhaiku says:

    i’m a fan of ccleaner myself. :) hmmm… come to think of it… can’t remember the last time i ran it… :O

    scatterhaikus last blog post..homecoming

  3. bebo skins says:

    havent used this dont need to either though as i have put a stupid ammount of ram into my computer that i never seem to use even half of it.

  4. Roshni says:

    I needed this!
    Great tips :)

  5. Yes, very usefull info, specially for those who still have P3 or less PCs.

  6. Sejal says:

    I just got a new mac. I will not be needing these tips for some time 😀

  7. Raag says:

    I need this for my crappy comp….vista has killed it :p

  8. I use CCleaner From Along Time Its really usefull,
    I suggest To Also Use Tune Up Utility,
    It Optimises Your registry,Disk And Alot Of Stuff To Make Your Pc Fast

  9. Rohit says:

    Rocking post.
    Am installing the software now.

    And nice title :)

  10. Nicolas S says:

    Anither little program that does a great job is Smart Defrag:

    it runs quietly and doesn’t even slow down my Laptop!

    And for the fastest web browsing experience, try Google Chrome. FF, even with FasterFox, is incredibly slow compared to this… I won’t even talk of IE.


  11. used tires says:

    Cool I’ll give it a shot, I’ve never really used an cleaners like this in the past, just your standard virus scanner programs, lol.

    Till then,


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