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Get Quality Backlinks in 30 Minutes!

Link Building is done for two main reasons, for traffic and for search engines. Search engines take links as votes for a website. The more the links to a page, the more a search engine values it. Getting back links are not easy but here are some tips that will prove helpful.

  • Commenting on ‘Do-follow’ blogs

Not every comment of yours on a blog counts , as most blogs use ‘No Follow’. These no follow links carry no value to your blog.

But ‘Do Follow’ blogs are blogs without the ‘No Follow’. These links carry value and prove beneficial.

A common question : How do I find ‘Do Follow’ blogs?

There are search engines that refine their results to only ‘Do Follow’ blogs such as Do Follow Diver.

  • Forum Signature Links

Forums have a signature link space that accompanies your posts. Many forums have ‘Do Follow: signature links.

  • Link Directories

Directory submission is a very popular method in which you submit your links to various directories. These will give you no traffic but will count as a link.

  • Article Directories

In this method You write articles and post them on article sites. The articles contain backlinks to your site. You get a few visitors through this.

  • Press Release

The title says it all. You write an something about your new website and post it on press release websites.

  • Galleries

If you have a very well designed website submit it to website galleries. These will bring one-time visitors as they may not be interested in your content.

  • Link Exchange

Make sure to exchange links with websites of your niche as these help in terms of traffic and search engines. Always keep a link exchange page on your website.

There are some links which do not help at all in case of search engines but they do get you some good visitors such as:

  • Yahoo Answers- Write answers relating to your websites niche, and put your site as the source. You will get about 10 visitors on an average.
  • Wikipedia- Have a really popular website?  Create an article on wikipedia. It will get visitors as it may turn up as a random article.
  • Social Bookmarking: Submit to websites like Digg and Stumble Upon. If your article is ‘stumbled’ or dugg’ you will get traffic in return. This method can get you hundreds of visits.

Leave a comment here and you will get a backlink :)

UPDATE: If you are a top commentator on Let’s Sermo, you will get sitewide Do Follow links.

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103 Responses to “Get Quality Backlinks in 30 Minutes!”

  1. Roshni says:

    Great tips!
    I am now a top commentator (do follow links) but have not yet started my blog :p

  2. Farrhad A says:

    @Roshni: Since you are a valuable reader, dont worry i will put your link up :)
    Also, if i have a free ad spot, i will put your banner up :)

  3. Matty says:

    Thanks for the info

  4. I would say “Amazzing info” you have shared with us. Yes was hard to find such blogs with “Do follow” but you helped us a lot with some very nice, simple and logical tips that can add value to anyones website or blog including my Logo Design Company.

    I haven’t seen this type of well written info anywhere on the net before. Very precise and to the point.

    Thanks for such a great post.

  5. Farhad, whenever I need some help regarding getting quality links, I come back to your this post and read it again and again. you know, It really helps. thanks for sharing great information.

  6. Forsaken says:

    I had to come back to this post to grab a few more pointers, especially about getting traffic from Yahoo! Answers and Press Releases…

    Forsakens last blog post..Why .tel?

  7. […] Get Quality Backlinks in 30 Minutes! […]

  8. Sanjay says:

    Yes, its true that all the above mentioned tips work well to get quality backlinks. Implementing all of these strategies will certainly help a website to rank well in search engines and getting traffic as well. Good article.

  9. Rajeev says:

    Very good content,basically useful for new guy to learn promotion method of website and blog.

  10. thanks for the info, this is pretty much the things to do for a new site.

  11. Tim says:

    You are a very helpful 15 year old!!!! 😉 Congrats on your internet success at such a young age. Thanks for the info!!

  12. Josh Self says:

    Great article! Alot of people know about backlinks but not how to get them. Thanks for the info from an obviously pretty cool dude!

  13. Kyle says:

    Good tips obviously but nothing new here. It could be good for people to set a schedule up, say 20 mins a day for blog commenting and link building. This will quickly increase one’s back links. I wish I had more time to be doing that.

  14. Thanks for the article. I started a male humor blog a while back and had been updating it with frequent content but was not able to generate much page rank or traffic. I followed your tips and am already at a PR2 and traffic is on the rise. ThingsWhitePeopleHate.com or ThingsPeopleHate.com, check em out!

  15. Sacramento says:

    I’ve used Yahoo Answers successfully. Sometimes it will show up in the search engines for a question like – where should I go to see the best fireworks. It’s quite time consuming though, you not only need to find questions that you can answer well, you have to create a network so your answer will be selected best answer. It would be worth it if they offered “do follow” on the links.

    By the way, how do you decide which commenters get “do follow” status and which get “no follow” status?

    Julie from Sacramento

  16. Marian says:

    Thank you for the great backlink ideas. The only one I did not know about was submitting a creative website to Website Galleries. I am redesigning my entire website and I will submit my site to galleries when my site is done. Thank you, Marian

  17. Nicolas S says:

    I think Article Directories and Press Release sites are great way to get quality unique’s, but a really small percentage of bloggers/site owners do this. I guess it’s their problem but I would like to know why: sure it’s time consuming BUT it can’t be the only reason??

    And to get your site into Wikipedia, as you said, you need to be REALLY popular. Not everyone can do this.

  18. jens Swelson says:

    On some social networks like Hyves you can drop your link too. They can be valuable because some Hyves spots have a high pagerank. (3 till 5)
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  19. I think article marketing is most effective and easier to achieve for backlinks. Social networks can help too just as long as they are do-follow. Great article!
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  20. To my knowledge, there is nothing you can do about a site linking to your site. At best, you can send them an email requesting them to remove the link.

  21. I have been using a free back link exchange site for a while now and it does work. Although, you have to be careful about what links you accept, it can boost your site rank and send some visitors to your website.
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  22. Using these automated link exchange sites will also boost your backlinks and you will get many relevant links to your site. You can find much more sites like these but to be honest I think these ones will do a perfect job.
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  23. BAS says:

    Gr8 dude, you have got a nice list to follow
    Thnx, m definitely goin to try some of them
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  24. Koncerty says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea. I must try this.
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  25. Bidet says:

    These are all great ways yo get more backlinks, thanks for sharing them. Personally post on forums and post on blogs. Thanks for sharing the others. I didnt know about them

  26. Thank you for the link to the Do-Follow Diver, I’ve been looking through Google results manually trying to find do-follow blogs so this will save me loads of time.

  27. Thanks for the tips. I find that article distribution through the mig ezine such as goarticles, ezinearticles etc works well. Some of my articles go on to get pageranks and they make my links even more powerful. Whenever I start a new website I always post articles in order to initially get seen by the SE’s.
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  28. This tool works wonders and costs are min! It also allows you the flexibility of building quality links and backlinks in house therefore keeping costs low and knowledge internal.

  29. There is a company in London called Green Light Search who offers backlink services to companies, but they do not hold back on there fee, well into the thousands per campaign…
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  30. very informative and complete guide to get quality back links, thanks for sharing.

  31. Jage says:

    I thought, getting quick backlink, but still need effort 😀
    but, i agree forum signature is great one
    Jage´s last blog ..Subaru Exiga MPV CBU To Launch in Indonesia My ComLuv Profile

  32. All great advice. I particularly like using Yahoo Answers. It has many benefits for SEO rankings but also for getting new sites indexed quickly. I use a firefox tool from SEO Book to check links are do-follow for forums and the like – I highly recommend it. I think its very important to get a good range of link types – you definitely shouldnt get ALL article links or ALL forum links – try to mix it up for best results.
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  33. This seems a great article, I never know before that blogs with “No Follow” :-)

    Anyways thanks for sharing this gr8 tips !!
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  34. Simple SEO says:

    A nice collection of simple tips !! you guys really rocks…

  35. Great collection of tips regarding seo. Nice man.

  36. used tires says:

    I would agree with leaving comments on do-follow blogs as a great way to earn backlinks and traffic, but it is also a way to get more exposure to your website, and for your name to become more recognized, especially if you are commenting in related industries. On a side note.. anyone that does do comments should always try to leave a quality comment… one of my personal pet peeves is when people leave bad comments and do not even put forth an effort :(

    Till then,


  37. pokkisam says:

    Yahoo answers is great from my experience

  38. some real good tips there i guess, directory submissions are no good becuase they take long to show up where as article writing has proven to be alot better for driving traffic.

  39. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time

  40. brynh says:

    Nice list.. It was helpful to me so thank you.. :)

  41. Robyn-Dale says:

    Nice post Farrhad.

    I’m taking a deep dive into your blog, :) Lots of useful content.
    Robyn-Dale´s last blog ..Bloggers are now eligible for Press Passes in New York My ComLuv Profile

  42. There are numerous strategies that you must use to promote your site, and social bookmarking is definitely one of those. If you wish to increase the traffic to your site then a good way to do this is by using a good social bookmarking tool to automate the work.

  43. Interesting says:

    Thanks for the interesting post, getting comments sure is tough.

  44. Do you have a list of anymore good dofollow blog search engines like do follow diver? I found some good stuff with do follow diver, but only so much. Thanks again for the list of tips.
    Guitar Lessons for Beginners´s last blog ..Guitar Scales for Beginners 101 My ComLuv Profile

  45. These are all great ways to get backlinks. There are even a couple I forgot!

  46. Thanks for the info, i got the link from a forum. I really like how you make it sound easy but for sure is not hard not easy but requires work and organization.

  47. It is very important to optimize your blog or web site so that search engines can discover your content and understand how relevant it is to specific search queries.

  48. Great tips and tricks thanks so much

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