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Chrome: Review and Tricks

Google’s Chrome is a topic that has hit blogs and forums all over the Internet. This unique web browser has impressed me and i am sure with future updates it will prove to be stiff competition to Firefox.


The first thing i noticed about Chrome is that the most visited sites appear on your home page. This is really helpful. A well placed search bar is also present.

The next thing is that most websites load much faster in Chrome than in Firefox and IE.

Most web pages that i visited appear to load properly (just like Firefox)

Also in the future I am sure that there will be add ons for Chrome too.

Few Features at a Glance:

* Includes a JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8.
* Chrome will use special tabs.
* Address bar comes with auto-completion features.
* Chrome presents you with a kind of “speed dial” feature.
* Will download lists of harmful sites, to fight against them.

Chrome will not currently be my default browser as :

  • It is missing the SU toolbar.
  • No add ons including AdBlock.
  • No full screen feature.
  • No RSS auto discovery feature

Tips and Tricks:

As of now there are just a few Chrome tricks on the net. I will post more in the future.

Control + Shift + N : Opens the famous “incognito” windows. Thanks to it you will be able to surf without leaving any footprint on your PC (cookes, history etc.)

Control + T : Opens a new Tab.

About:plugins (write it in the address bar): Lets you see what plug-in you are using.

Have any more tips? Enjoyed reading? Feel free to comment below :)

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13 Responses to “Chrome: Review and Tricks”

  1. Hussein says:

    Google Chrome again. Every blog I visit has a Google Chrome review. I haven’t tried it yet and still don’t have plan to do so.

    Husseins last blog post..10 Things I Hate In a Blog

  2. Gyutae Park says:

    Hey Farrhad,
    Nice post about Chrome. It’s sure to get very popular within the next couple of years. As for the incognito windows, we all know what those are for…

  3. yajra says:

    i tried to download and install it..

    but it was very slow for me

    so i just uninstalled it right after

  4. Lisa says:

    Your post has convinced me to give it a try :)

  5. topen says:

    havent try yet. but now im still firefox user. thanks for review info

    topens last blog post..Moneybites Contest: Win Free Cash, Tech and More!

  6. Acne Scar says:

    It is a hot topic and from the general thoughts and feeling across the web, people are still sticking with firefox (who cares about IE users) but keeping a close eye on chrome. Firefox users like their add ons and wouldn’t enjoy using a browser without them.

    I couldn’t bare to be without SEO Quake so I’m sticking with Firefox for the time being but I’m sure the full range of plugins everyone needs will come soon.

    IE and Netscape etc days must be numbered surely!

    Acne Scars last blog post..Skin Needling

  7. Kal says:

    Great post about Chrome, am going to share this with colleagues in office.

    Kals last blog post..Earn While You Surf ?

  8. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  9. Neha says:

    After reading this i installed Chrome, and am commenting from it. It is very nice. Nice review dude!

  10. Rohit P says:

    IMHO Chrome is the best browser in recent times.

  11. Nicolas S says:

    I absolutely love Chrome! I’m very proud that took time to download it a month ago. I’m glad to see you are sharing the news about this amazing browser with the world!

    Here are my favorites site to customize Chrome (I changed the them aspect to silver, much better than the original one and I managed to set myself a little webmaster toolbar with SEO tools!)

    I’m using this browser 95% of the time now… it’s great!



  12. used tires says:

    Chrome has definitely been awesome in my opinion, been using for quite some time now for some tasks I feel it can do faster compared to Firefox, I still switch between the two though… and mainly use Firefox with a little chrome on the side 😉

    Till then,

    used tires´s last blog to dispose of tiresMy ComLuv Profile

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