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36 Great Ways to Save Money!

Most of us without thinking spend our hard earned money without thinking, and by the end of the month we have to struggle till our next cheque. Here are some great ways to enjoy every day of the month :)

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1. Open a bank savings account and pad it up regularly.

2. Open a separate account for bills and payments.

3. Automatically slash 20% of your salary and place it in a time deposit account.

4. It is about time to have an ever reliable piggy bank.

5. Have coin glasses around the house. Every time you have coins and lose change, drop it in the coin glass.

6. Avoid dining out.

7. Experiment with new recipes, cook and eat at home.

8. Instead of having food delivered, cook your own meals.

9. Cut off gasoline expenses by walking to work.

10. Cut off fuel expenses and ride your bike to school.

11. Instead of weekend shopping, take other forms of free relaxation like taking a walk in the park.

12. Instead of buying new books, borrow from the local library.

13. Clear your credit card debt so your interest won’t pile up.

14. Use cash more. Credit cards have recurring interests.

15. Lower your mobile phone bills by using SMS more.

16. Lower your cell phone bills by calling from a land line when possible.

17. Be careful in driving. Avoid tickets and penalty.

18. Instead of weekly shopping, shop less frequently.

19. Do not bring much extra cash or credit cards. It tempts you to shop more.

20. Make a shopping list and stick by it. It keeps you more controlled when shopping.

21 . Buy online. Many online stores offer cheaper products.

22. Buy on Ebay. You can find great products on Ebay for half the price.

23. Sell some of your stuff on Ebay or a garage sale.

24. Take advantage of discount coupons.

25. Buy bulk instead of per piece.

26. Fix that leak and save energy.

27. Use natural light at home when possible to save on electricity.

28. Instead of the expensive gym membership, try organizing an exercise group in your neighborhood.

29. Learn to DIY instead of paying for professional service.

30. Book early flights. Refrain from buying those expensive season airline tickets.

31. Know what you really need to buy and stick with it.

32. Quit smoking. You can save on cigarette and hospital expenses.

33. Learn to say no to something you do not need or want.

34. Think twice about buying something.

35. Create your own accessories instead of buying. Learn crafts.

36. Use VOIP for interstate and international calls.

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23 Responses to “36 Great Ways to Save Money!”

  1. Patel says:

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  2. web talk says:

    use save-energy bulbs, don’t buy bottled water (like i did) dont watch a lot of TV (like i did).
    dont invest your money in stocks….

    web talks last blog post..How to run Java in Google Chrome

  3. […] Awesome article I came across:Β 36 Great Ways to Save Money. […]

  4. Lisa says:

    I’ve been following a few lately……

  5. Riya says:

    Nice tips :)
    Will help to save lots of rupees :)

  6. Wong says:

    Nice tips! :)

    It will help to save lots of dollars for me. Even though I follow most of these tips already.

    Oh, by the way, you forgot one thing: ditch the car, use public transport to get to those far-away places πŸ˜‰

    Wongs last blog post..Sorry for the downtime

  7. I should definitely be listening to the “don’t buy books” one. I know I spend a ridiculous amount on readables.

    Corey Freemans last blog post..How Trumpet Playing Taught Me to Succeed Online and Offline

  8. Roshni says:

    Great for college-goers like me :)

  9. Xbox says:

    Thanks those will help at college bookmarked, trying to get the VOIP one sorted out.

  10. Puneet says:

    i try to invest in stock market, some in bank accounts and some in my pockets πŸ˜€ lol

    Puneets last blog post..Features Of Honda SUV Car Models

  11. Nicolas S says:

    Great list Farrhad πŸ˜‰ I follow most of those advices already, and I’ve got to say that web talk’s last one is now more true than ever!

    I open to any other money saving tips though. πŸ˜›

  12. Milo Garlock says:

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  13. used tires says:

    Sweet ways to make more money, we should all definitely take advantage of that! πŸ˜€

    Till then,


  14. Great ways to save money, Thanks for the tips. I am considering a car share program. I live in the city and rarely need a car but its nice to have to option.

  15. i must say that this are very useful tips, really. Specially to those persons that are having a hard time on saving their money. I really like the tip number 13 it would help many people that are struggling with their debt and may i add that besides the tip number 13 you can get a debt management plan, just apply for one by clicking my name here and if approved they will manage your debts by providing you solutions and making your debts into one account so that you won’t need to worry about all of it.

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