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Online Optimization and Revenue Generation Through Careful Planning

It is a fact of life, if you want something to produce good results, a journey towards the goal needs to be designed, planned and executed in a timely and coherent manner. Your online journey is no different.

Specifically speaking, designing a website and maintaining it also follows the three secrets of success:

  • Careful pre-planning
  • Workable plans and pathways
  • Execution and/or go live

With these three rules of success, you would be able to design a site that provides you with a constant source of traffic, leading to multiple revenue streams.

Domains get registered in thousands every hour. New websites pop up every few minutes. The cyberspace can be compared to the universe. The blog, networking, online stores, information portal “galaxies” are having new websites (planets) being created every minute. However, most of these websites or planets in the cyberspace are barren from the word “Go”. In the vastness of cyberspace, there lie many wasted websites, devoid of life and activity. The only websites capable of surviving in this space tend to make up a negligible percentage, just like planet earth (the only “known” planet to support life) is just a speck of dust in the whole expense of the universe.

So how do we transform these wasted websites into a revenue generating machine?

Simple, It’s called optimization. Think of your website as a group of units rather than a single entity. Optimize the units in their own environment. For instance, one aspect of your website is blogging about food and nutrition. Concentrate on this subject to bring in visitors looking for information on food technology. Another aspect of your website maybe an entertainment section. Try to entice the “entertainment seekers” here. The above implementation has just achieved one of your most important goals, a variation of traffic!

Make use of all the space on your website. The free spaces mark the spot…yes, the spot for an online gold mine. Think of the space as a commodity… advertise it, auction it, sell it, bargain it…conduct every trade on your free spaces. Visualize that empty space on your website’s sidebar as a spot earning you $$$ per month.

The moral of the story is don’t register a domain, throw in some articles and Advertisements and wake up next morning expecting a million dollars in your bank account. If you want to earn money in the real world, you need to work. A similar scenario exists for online monetization. Don’t be swayed by the candy wrapped stories of established online entrepreneurs. They are successful either because:

  • They did not have competitors when they started off their online money making journey.


  • They also worked day and night at the initial stage but do not want to reveal their secrets.
Treat your website well; it will reward you in the near future. Leave it uncared for; expect it to bite back whenever you approach it!

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14 Responses to “Online Optimization and Revenue Generation Through Careful Planning”

  1. Wong says:

    Awesome post Richael.

    I agree, optimization is very important. Even if your site has lots and lots of awesome and rocking content, no one will notice your site… sad thing.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Wongs last blog post..Thoughts: IE8 Beta

  2. Ikki says:

    Unfortunately, most starting entrepreneurs don’t know this. I’ve found wonderful domain names and most of them are either parked -damn you, Sedo!- or poorly developed by its owner.

    Great post! 😀

    Ikkis last blog post..Keyword Research & SEO, Part I: The Basics

  3. Forsaken says:

    @Wong, thanks for the useful comment…I guess I should have stated that Optimization and Promotion go hand-in-hand.

    @Ikki, you are right on the spot!!! Many people attempting online success forget to get the foundations right. I guess that everyone is familiar with the consequences of having a weak building foundation :(

    Same concept (well figuratively speaking) applies here….

    Forsakens last blog post..European economies powered by fuel too?

  4. I have to disagree with one thing: do NOT advertise on ALL of the space on your website! White space is important and if you want to build a real, user-based website, filling it with ads and promotions is not the way to go.

    Corey Freemans last blog post..How Trumpet Playing Taught Me to Succeed Online and Offline

  5. I second Corey that any monetization effort should be done in moderation. Over-doing it will just backfire. I agree that nothing is easy but careful planning and sustained efforts, everything is possible.


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..It’s Time for Readers’ Appreciation #2

  6. Scott says:

    Like Ikki said, I’ve always been one of the guys who just kinda jumps headfirst and doesn’t plan. That’s one thing that hasn’t been working out to great for me.

  7. Farrhad A says:

    Glad everyone is liking Richael’s posts :)
    Keep it up!! Hope to see many more from you.

  8. Roshni says:

    I am now planning to get my own website. But every domain i think of, is taken, and most of them are parked. I must say “Let’s Sermo” is ver very innovative.

  9. Farrhad A says:

    @Roshni: Richael has a domaining blog:
    Check it out for ideas :)

  10. Yes you are right, Optimization to your site is key to success. Without optimization, no one can notice your offers even if you are offering diamonds and gold for free :-)

  11. assignment says:

    Like Ikki said, I’ve always been one of the guys who just kinda jumps headfirst and doesn’t plan. That’s one thing that hasn’t been working out to great for me.

  12. Jane says:

    Optimizing is very important. If no one can find your site, it will not make any difference how good your site looks.

  13. Joshine says:

    Good post, its a pitty to see great domains badly developed.

    • used tires says:

      @Joshine, I know what you mean, I see so many underdeveloped domain names that could be sooo much better, and have alot more potential than what the current owner is putting into it. But.. it is what it is, lol.

      Till then,


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