December 9th, 2008 | 37 Comments

Change Is Here!

I have decided to streamline the topics at Let’s Sermo. From now on the blog will NOT focus on Blogging and Website Tips. For these topics I am starting a new blog, The Blogging Park.

I will now concentrate on giving you quality articles on:

  • Life
  • Technology
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Humour
  • and there will be some interesting Miscellaneous posts.
Now I need a little help from YOU:
  • Out of the topics mentioned above, what do you want to read the most on?
  • Do you think i made the right decision?
Feel free to comment below.
PS. Don’t forget to visit The Blogging Park and subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated with frequent posts that all bloggers will love reading and at the same time will be learning.

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37 Responses to “Change Is Here!”

  1. Glenn says:

    Hey. I am glad you have split up these topics. I would really like to see more Tech, Tips, and Humor on this site. I hope this works out for you!

    Glenns last blog post..This Might Be The Best Jeopardy Answer Ever

  2. Really the decision is yours weather we like it or not, but I personally like the idea. It seemed really random before 😛

    I wouldn’t mind some technology and humor posts. I need a good laugh and I love gadgets :)

    Blog for Bloggerss last blog post..Pull Tons Of traffic To Your Blog From Forums

  3. Soliloquy says:

    Awesome decision Farrhad! A refocus at the blog. Excellent idea! I can’t wait to see the new format and topics. Anything you want is my response to your question. Whatever makes you happy. Blog on!

  4. Harish says:

    If you are much aware of all the topics mentioned above then you have made a right choice. Any way I would like to read some thing about tips and tricks.

    Harishs last blog post..First Ever Contest At Blogging Kid Launched

  5. I do not promote my blog thanks! says:

    Good decision farrhad,

    It’ll really help your postings now.


  6. Roshni says:

    I think this is a very good decision. And all the topics you have listed are great :)

  7. Caroline says:

    Good, I can’t abide blogs that ramble:)

  8. Navjot Singh says:

    I respect your decision. Infact this is happening with me too. I already have a blog for my other things, so Infact maybe I also need to try this.

  9. Yes, I am also agree with your decision :-) And I will love to read about Technology & Tips and Tricks. That will be great.
    Best wishes for your new blog 😉

  10. FeatherHost says:

    Glad you started a new blog. (Amazing logo by the way)
    As with everyone else, I agree 😛

  11. Wong says:

    Great decision Farrhad! :)

    It’ll help your blog. 😀

  12. Ben Pei says:

    I would vote for Tips and Tricks. thats what most people look for because it is like a shortcut or secret manual..

    Ben Peis last blog post..How To Make Money Blogging With ‘Featured Sites’

  13. I am visiting your new after every 2 days. Really looking forward to see the live action 😉 Hope you will instigate it soon.

  14. Great decision, Farrhad! I’m hoping that the review on was what made you think about this 😉

    Heading over to your new blog right now.

    the Blogoholics last blog post..10 Effective Methods to Get More Comments on Your Blog

  15. Farrhad A says:

    @the Blogoholic Yes that was one of the factors :)

  16. I guess you made the right decision to narrow down the blogs subjects.It will help in getting targeted audience as well as help in your monetization plans, if any :)

  17. It was smart to separate the two, as talking about things like Life, and Humor, then blogging is just weird. So I do think you made a good choice. :)

    Look forward to seeing some more article at TBP.

    Alex | last blog post is WordPress just got more friendly: Hello!

  18. Personally, i liked ur idea :) I can’t wait to see the new format and topics.

  19. Chevy trucks says:

    there are many other topics which u can think on posting here if ur going for a change and bring out a general blog …

    i think posts on gadgets, tech news, latest cars n many more …

  20. Roshni says:

    It is now showing that you made the right choice :-)

  21. Joshua says:

    I am loving the new feel of Let’s Sermo! Very nice mate.

  22. Rohit says:

    TBP is just as awesome as this blog. Am loving your posts. I am now you’re fan :-)

  23. Farrhad A says:

    THANK YOU everyone!!!!! :)

  24. SostyPasha says:

    Good luck Farrhad :)
    great decision guy (Y)

  25. Supermance says:

    congratulation on your new blog :)

  26. Rachael says:

    Both the sites rock 😀

  27. Just wondering how Lets Sermo has been getting on since the split?

    I know The Blogging Park is going well because I’m an author… just wondering how it’s big brother was doing 😀

  28. we like it very much…

  29. Rahul Jadhav says:

    Thats a good idea. Splitting the blog will help you to concentrate on particular topics, rather than the general approach

  30. jens Swelson says:

    It’s better to streamline the topics indeed. On my own blog I have the problem that readers don’t what they can expect. I’m writing about a lot of topics.
    jens Swelson´s last blog ..Wat als…? My ComLuv Profile

  31. flowers says:

    Good judgment Farrhad, keep it up…

  32. Great idea and congratulation.
    Like everything in life, if you want to get something you need to have the determination that will keep you going. If you are not committed, you will never do what is needed to achieve the goals you want.
    Inspired Core´s last blog ..Freebie: Web Design Elements You Should ConsiderMy ComLuv Profile

  33. I think you have made the right choice. looking forward to reading more articles form you.

  34. Farrhad A says:

    I’m glad I’ve taken the right decision 😉

  35. Farrhad A says:

    Haha :) It has been doing well.
    1200 daily visits, Comment average of 25.

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