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Coolest Gadgets of the Year

Every year there are hundereds of cool gadgets that spring up. The innovative ideas never stop. Here is a list the coolest gadgets of the year.
  • iShirt


The all new iShirt is a new way to carry your iPod. iShirt has a magnetic clamp in the letter i. It holds your iPod firmly even during vigorous activity. It is a very convenient way to use your iPod. It comes in different colors at an affordable price. It gives you a stylish look making you stand out of the crowd.

  • Polder Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer


Polder Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer is a wonderfully shaped gadget specially designed for cooks and for home kitchens. To change the time functions you just have to flip the clock. With a 100-minute timer and stopwatch, this gadget could be a great gift for your spouse.

  • Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Smartphone


Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Smartphone is one other fascinating black beauty. Designed by the Singaporean Jaren Goh, the gorgeous phone is wrapped up in titanium and diamonds. The well designed body of the phone is pleasant to hold. It is encased in a layer of polycarbonate and illuminated by OLED technology to create a “borderless screen” effect.

  • Seiko watch with Bluetooth


Seiko’s new watch with Bluetooth has admirable features. Although has odd looks, when paired with your mobile, the watch is capable of displaying your phone’s signal and battery strengths. One other feature that shows the caller id for an incoming call is really useful while using a Bluetooth headset. Other features, such as SMS display, built in ring tones, and vibes, adds value to the gadget.

  • Kaito KA404 Emergency Flashlight and Radio


The Kaito KA404 Emergency Flashlight and Radio has a sturdy five-LED flashlight with an AM/FM radio, providing users a practical and flexible accessory for various situations, such as an emergency. It is made of tough, high-impact polymer able to withstand extreme conditions, the sturdy device with 5 super bright LEDs, can last for 10 minutes if cranked for 1 minute. The flashlight is great for illuminating a dimly lit work area. It is also best fit for campers as they can also enjoy the FM radio. It has a built-in speaker and a telescoping FM antenna that improves reception in remote locations.

  • Amazon Kindle


The recently introduced Amazon Kindle is a compact electronic book, which has instant wireless access to 115,000 books sold by the site. It has an audio book player and a web browser. Using a free cellular network connection known as the ‘Whispernet’, Amazon delivers books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. The device is capable of reading various text formats. It also includes a limited mp3 music support too.

  • Grenade fire extinguisher from pinQy


With looks of real grenade, fire extinguisher grenade from pinQy will function like a normal fire extinguisher. It is much more efficient as it can cover more ground in less time. You just have to pull the safety pin and press the top handle to spray 210 ml in just seven seconds.

  • Apple iPhone 3G


The Apple iPhone 3G contemplates all the revolutionary features of iPhone i.e. 3G networking with double the speed of first generation iPhones along with built-in GPS for expanded location based mobile services. The iPhone 2.0 software include the support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and is able to run the hundreds of third party applications. The audio and video qualities are excellent.

  • Plasma car for toddlers


Plasma car for toddlers is an excellent entertainment for kids. It is really easy for kids to control and they will surely enjoy all the feeling of mastery, motion, and physical control of the plasma car. It is one of the best gifts that you could provide your kids with because it engages both the toddlers mind and body making them healthy.

  • Bathroom Graffiti – Pistol Hair Dryer


Wish to impress your spouse with an exciting gift? Bathroom Graffiti – Pistol Hair Dryer could be the right choice for you. Nothing can make hair drying so interesting as Bathroom Graffiti – Pistol Hair Dryer.Β 

Which do you think is the coolest gadget of the year? Missed out any cool gadgets? Feel free to comment below.

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51 Responses to “Coolest Gadgets of the Year”

  1. All your gadgets reviewed here are pretty cool. The fact is, I have not heard or seen half of them, so guess you did not miss the “coolest” of the lot πŸ˜‰

    Nice post, I bookmarked it on all the major social bookmarking sites :)

  2. Farrhad A says:

    @Forasken: Thanks for the bookmarking :)

  3. Roshni says:

    Nice list! Love these innovative ideas :)
    Except the iPhone and Kindle, had not heard of any.

  4. iPhone 3G is probably one of the most wanted gadgets of the year πŸ˜› Blackberry Storm should be on your list, too!

    Ikki at Blogging Blogs last blog post..7 Things You Should Know Before Blogging

  5. some of those are just plain weird! haha. But some are very cool!

    Tom – StandOutBlogger.coms last blog post..SMART Goal Setting For 2009

  6. That sony looks awesome. I was just thinking though, could you imagine walking into the bathroom and seeing your wife with a gun to their head. lmao

    Blog for Bloggerss last blog post..How Much To Post: That Is The Question

  7. Caroline says:

    Ah, the digital egg timer. We actually went digital some time back and use the timer on the mobile phone to time our cooking. I am however concerned about the state of mind of the people who came up with the Pistol Hair Dryer.

  8. iShirt?

    That would be really something, but can’t get my head around about putting it in the washing..

    The grenade fire extinguisher was a nifty idea, should make it explodes water so it can put out large fires easily!


    TeenProBloggers last blog post..Write content your readers WANT to read!

  9. Wow, what a great collection of cool Gadgets, I really like the iTshirt and the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Smartphone. Very very smart.

  10. Salwa says:

    Nice list! and I agree with Tom some of these are just plain weird!

    Salwas last blog post..Blog Marketing Scams and What You Should Be Aware of

  11. Awesome list. I could use a new iphone, haha. My phone’s not so cool. I dunno about the I-shirt though.

    Corey Freemans last blog post..Diligent Guide Now On Sale

  12. Hi,
    i think i missed alot of gadgets,
    thanks for the list love the ishirt and sony erricson black diamond smartphone,
    i m going to order one Seiko watch with Bluetooth,

    Web Hosting Reviewss last blog post..IX Webhosting Inc. Web Hosting Review

  13. Swastik says:

    lmao @ Ardit πŸ˜›

    Cool gadgets, I wonder if that shirt can accomodate an iTouch.

    Swastiks last blog post..Quality product vs Marketing – Who wins?

  14. Wong says:

    Really cool gadgets, Farrhad.

    My favourites are the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Smartphone and the iShirt, but disagree about iPhone 3G, which IMO is over-priced and over-rated.

    Wongs last blog post..Ubuntu: part 6: Which Variant?

  15. Raag says:

    Really cool and weird gadgets :)
    I knew of only two.

  16. Sejal says:

    I want the last one πŸ˜‰
    Nice and innovative stuff.
    I am now following you on Twitter :)

  17. Sejal, I think the last one could be dangerous!

    Suppose if someone will replace the Hair Dryer with the original one then what will happen. OMG.

    But I am agree that it is innovative.

  18. cool gadgets. awesome you must have had to work hard to find all these out. my favorite is the t shirt.

  19. Klajdi Hena says:

    Hmmm. Aple iPhone.

    MY favorite. Although they are all good.

  20. Sky Xavier says:

    hey that is the cool list of gadgets. i would like to have pistol hair dryer. thats really height πŸ˜€

  21. I love the pistol hair dryer out of all of those gadgets. I can just imagine someone opening it on Christmas or something, and the expression on their face.

  22. I agree with you all, Pistol hair dryer is most interesting gadget.

    we want more cool gadgets from you πŸ˜‰

  23. Chevy trucks says:

    while surfing few cool gadgets few days back i found this :-
    Oppo offering S11 portable media player

    i was also thinking to change my cell to iphone 3gi but after the launch in our country.. the price went on the skies …

  24. cool! I want it all! especially iphone 3g!

  25. Pretty nice gadgets ah. I love the sony erickson cellphone, looks cool.

  26. Nice list. Most innovative for me from this list is definitely Amazon Kindle. Can you imagine saving tons of paper? All that magazines, newspapers, daily, weekly? Saving tons of paper! Its time that we start thinking bigger and cleverer.. Other wise..

  27. Rehaan says:

    Super kewll gadgets!!
    Never knew about some of them.
    Nice research dude.
    I would love to have an iShirt.

  28. game-girl says:

    Some of them look very smart and can bring much joy to their owners.

  29. Lil Droppa says:

    Nice list of gadgets i must say. would love to see the plasma car in action

  30. Lil Droppa says:

    i can dig the gadgets

  31. Great post, Farrhad.

    My uncle has the new iPhone and it’s amazing! I really want one, just need to save up for a bit as I seem to want everything πŸ˜€

  32. The pistol hair dryer would be weird… imagine pointing a gun at your own head and firing everytime you got out the bath/shower! πŸ˜‰

  33. Ableblogger says:

    Hey thanks for putting all this together,, few of them are really awesome.. specially itshirt

  34. I really love these cool gadgets as i have inner build resist toward there liking.

  35. And do you see how small these gadgets are becoming?

  36. Those are very cool gadgets indeed! Thanks for sharing them. :)
    The iShirt is so ridiculously that it was just cool.

  37. CashBack says:

    Well I found this post a little too late. I can’t see any of the images now :(
    The ishirt idea sounds great. I’ll have to look into that.

    • used tires says:

      @CashBack I am not able to see the images either, but after doing a Google search I was able to find images of the particular gadgets that I had not heard about =D I hope that helps!

      Till then,


  38. These are really fantastic gadgets. Thanks for share good information.

  39. cool list… I am now updated with these gadgets. thanks
    Tansu by Greentea´s last blog ..Taking On Challenges My ComLuv Profile

  40. wow crazy to think that back then teh Amazon Kindle was a great gadget, and now we have the Ipad….

  41. I think the I shirt is one of the coolest gadgets.

  42. Lori says:

    A fire extinguisher that looks like a grenade. Well, I imagine this one won’t get confused with everyday items in one’s home. Unless, that is, you have a lot of grenades around your house. Lori

  43. I really want a kindle I think it is so neat that you can download any book anytime. How great would this be for traveling. I think you can also have it read to you.

  44. This is a cool list of gadgets. you should make a list for this year.

  45. Great list I just wish there were pictures.

  46. Farrhad A says:

    Glad you liked it :)
    I too would like one!

  47. Farrhad A says:

    Yes….the big picture :)

  48. Farrhad A says:

    hahaha I am on the latest iTouch, it is nice :)
    Sure you will get everything!

  49. I’m sure I will, just need to put a bit more effort into my blogs/sites and start really raking it in πŸ˜‰

    The iTouches are nice, but I already have two iPods so it seems silly to get another πŸ˜€

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