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Balancing Life as a Student

Balance for life when your a student is a must. Whether it be high school, college, graduate school, or medical school the demands are great and your end outcome is important. Many students forgo their own health to get good grades and impress their teachers and professors. I remember doing that.
I’m very glad I went on to get my Master’s degree, I’m also very excited for a great friend of mine who has decided, after 10+ years in the social work field to go back and complete her dream; to become a doctor. I do not however envy her. Medical school is very stressful. Fortunately she has some wisdom on her side from the University called Life that is aiding her in keeping a better balance this time around.

First let me emphasis that as a student your health is extremely important. Getting adequate sleep will actually help you focus and concentrate better and thus perform better on papers, quizzes, and finals. Do get some type of exercise, somewhat regularly. Whether it’s taking the steps, going for some walks, or actually getting to the gym. You can even tie exercise in with a few other things, like having a social life and studying. Go for walks with friends and take that time to blow off steam, vent, laugh, plan what your going to do when finals are over! Without some fun in your life burn out is inevitable. Which also means limit your studying time. Honestly your brain can only take so much, as well as your eyes. Your whole self needs down time occasionally.

The student who studies all the time becomes a very boring, one dimensional student. I have a favorite TV show about geniuses’ and their lack of social skills that could prove that statement well!

Eat. In fact I asked my medical student friend what she’s doing differently this time around and she said eat, semi-healthy. I could go into some detail about the impact of junk/fast food on your health, that would be a whole other article though. The fact is your body needs vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, protein, in a healthy form versus a man made formed patty of fat. Processed sugars create a quick high with a huge crash. Crashing is not a good thing in the middle of finals. Not eating all together is a terrible idea as well. And those caffeinated pills and energy drinks, don’t get me started!

A big thing to learn about studying is what is your studying style. Do you need to study alone, with others, or a small combination of each? With that knowledge you can then set your schedule accordingly. I preferred to study alone. I reviewed my notes, retyped them, reviewed my text books, and then got sleep. On those busy weeks where all the papers seemed to be do I assigned myself different, early due dates for those papers so that I didn’t have to get five done on Sunday to turn in on Monday. That’s was my style though. There is a lot of educational material to learn to make you smarter with school, however it’s what you learn about yourself and how to create balance for life that may be one of the most valuable things you learn.

This was a guest post by:
Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, CPC is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified ScreamFree Parent Leader specializing in helping people create balance for life, self-confidence, and healthy parent child relationships. To learn more about Tara you can visit her blog at www.mylifecoachtara.com and follow her on Twitter at @Myifecoachtara.
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75 Responses to “Balancing Life as a Student”

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  3. BAS says:

    That was really a nice guide.
    Hope it’ll help me to handle all this mess around me
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  4. Koncerty says:

    Cool article! well said.
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  5. Bidet says:

    its always good to balance your study life, if you study too much and dont do anythings it could be bad for you. Balance is always the key to a good life.

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  8. Well written. It is very hard to juggle everything and school all at once. I had to put myself on a schedule and stay on it just to keep my grades up between all the things people want you to do and the parties. It was tough.

  9. it ain’t easy being a student… you gotta think about the money, the time you spend in classes, etc. At the end of the day we don’t have much time to actually do stuff

  10. Ive been through student life and I say it was also stressful considering all the papers, the assignments, presentations and reports. Sometimes we never get enough sleep and eat.

    I guess you’ve done a wonderful job in giving advice o many students out there. Health is wealth. Nothing, not even high grades, pays off when you are sick.
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  11. I think this blog is a wonderful one. We always focus on what to achieve in work but forget how important the other facets of our life are. As students, we often take on more and more responsibility and forget about adding in a little fun to the mix!
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  12. Giochi says:

    Well written. It is very hard to juggle everything and school all at once

  13. balancing life as a student can be hard. Thanks for the tips and tricks. These should help me along my journey.

  14. I think you are right on point it is hard to balance out life while going to school, sleeping enough and eating well, you really do have to discipline yourself

  15. Yes it can be hard to balance life, great tips.

  16. great tips it is hard to be a student sometimes and keep up with everything

  17. Farrhad A says:

    “Health is wealth” :)

  18. Farrhad A says:

    Glad you liked it!!

  19. Farrhad A says:

    Yes, at some point of time, you just HAVE to do it.

  20. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks for your first comment (of hopefully many). Glad you liked it.

  21. Farrhad A says:

    You have to exert yourself sometimes, I guess. :)

  22. Whilst I agree that studying should take up the majority of your time when you’re close to important exams, I feel that if you spend your whole life working then you actually start to have a negative effect on your life.

    Make sure you are getting out regularly and doing the things you love 😀

  23. Farrhad A says:

    I never skip my walking time :)

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