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Tackling Weight with Yoga

When weight or health is a cause of worry, you tend to read every article published, talk to anyone who is on some new diet and try it , if nothing works then the mind goes to surgery to get rid of the unwanted and maybe embarrassing fat.

Well I think one needs to find time to analyze the cause of the weight gain, and first start thinking of being healthy, and that does not just relate to eating but thoughts too, you must think healthy to feel healthy. A positive approach is the key, to look beautiful it is necessary to feel beautiful , yoga has a lot to offer and it can be used to give us a healthy mind and body if practiced with dedication. When the mind is tranquil, the energy’s are conserved and utilized well, once your body is pulsating with positive energy one feels and understands health and how to follow it to ones advantage.

Yoga helps us in positive thinking which is a key to lot of happiness. Yyoga helps one handle and bring down the stress level which otherwise can cause a lot of damage. (You may want to read-> “Beat The Stress“)

Yoga also gives us health within which is reflected on the outside too. It tones the body and makes one look fit.

It is a lifestyle and on following it, one tends to achieve peace and health within and ability to fight ill health and be and feel more healthy. It takes a little of our time and gives us a lot by way of health.

Below I have mentioned instructions for a simple yoga exercise that you can try out:

Yoga Arm Raises:

  • Stand up tall.  

  • Inhale deeply through the nose as you swing both your arms up with palms facing forward.
  • Now swing the arms down and powerfully exhale through the mouth. The exhalation is brief and powerful. Just throw the air out of the system.  

  • Continue at a fairly brisk pace, swinging your arms up and down in this fashion in conjunction with the breathing.

Duration for Yoga Arm Raises: 1-5 mins

Benefits of Yoga Arm Raises:

  • Very effective in getting your energy going.
  • Expands your chest cavity and lung capacity.
  • Throws all negativity out of your body (toxins, negative emotions, stress, negative thoughts). Assist this process by visualizing any negativity that has been troubling you being expelled from your system as you exhale.  

  • Works on your shoulders, promoting flexibility and strength.   

Practice Tips for Yoga Arm Raises: As you develop mastery over this exercise, try to work through the discomfort in the shoulders this exercises produces. You will notice that after you get past the initial points of resistance, the energy pathways open up and the exercise gets easier.

Hope this article will help you. Do you pracice yoga? Gave this exercise a try? Feel free to share all your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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116 Responses to “Tackling Weight with Yoga”

  1. Rohit P says:

    Lovely post!
    Yoga is truly a good weight loss method. And I really liked your introductory paragraph. Well written.

  2. Roshni says:

    Yoga is one of the best weight loss methods. Am trying the exercise. Will let you know how I feel :)

  3. Nicholas says:

    What another lovely post. And how true….have to think good to feel good. Better said than practiced.

  4. Richael says:

    Good tips, though I think the conventional methods of weight loss have a accelerated effect. Nevertheless, if you combine yoga with your daily weight loss program, it will do wonders!

  5. I love to try yoga. I think its perfect exercise. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Farrhad A says:

    Great post!
    And I loved your intro, very well written.
    Yoga sure is the ‘in’ thing today. And nice image too.

  7. Nwaz says:

    Thank you very much :-)
    Glad you liked it.

  8. Roshni says:

    I stumbled the article, Nwaz.

  9. Very nice tips Nwaz, You provide very useful training with its benefits. That will also help me in future.

  10. game-girl says:

    I have been practicing yoga for many years and glad to have it as a tool helping to be fit and healthy.

  11. Not sure if people can actually lose weight with Yoga. However, I do believe it has a lot of benefits for those who practice it. It helps people stay calm and get rid of any negative feelings inside their minds.

    Nice post!

  12. Simon says:

    Great post Nwaz 😀

    A while ago I started doing a bit of yoga, but if I’m honest I quite quickly got bored of it. I did however lose a bit of weight, but my attention span just didn’t last long enough to do it on a frequent basis. lol :)

  13. Neha says:

    Yoga is one of THE most amazing things I have ever done. Will try out the exercise. Thanks! :)

  14. Rachael says:

    Great post. Today most of my family is into yoga and the results are showing. Lovely post my dear :)

  15. Alex says:

    yoga, sounds good :) I should definitely try it to help me get rid of the cramps i have in my arms after sitting on the pc for hours

  16. Sarthak says:

    Yoga is a great stress buster and it is a part of my daily schedule.
    Great post. Hope to read more like these.

  17. Enzye says:

    Great! I will try out this from today onwards.

  18. game-girl says:

    I do my yoga exercises every morning and feel myself with energy,joy and readiness to live a happy day.

  19. yeah its true that with yoga a person can be perfect in life in the respect of health. i also prefer to do yoga daily. it gives a great satisfaction to my soul. i like it very much.

  20. Height Pads says:

    I never thought that yoga can help me lose weight , until I read your article :) Thank you!

  21. Meghna says:

    There’s one question I’ve always been wondering……is it good for all ages??

    Some of my friends say that at this age (I’m 14 years old) if I start yoga then my height can stop…..So is there nay harm if I do it?

  22. Its really great post. Now only I have learn how to reduce the weight through yoga activities. its helpful to all.

  23. Buddy Wash says:

    I love yoga. It makes me feel grounded and at peace. Love your post and excited to see someone blogging about a favorite past time of mine!

  24. Great post! Yoga is a great exercise. Not sure if it will really make you lose weight. But doing some yoga would compliment a good work out.

  25. mens shavers says:

    Nice blog. Yoga is really good for flexibility not sure how much weight you can lose from it though.

  26. Boy Soma says:

    Yoga is time-tested. Whether you lose weight or not, it will definitely do something good in your inner well-being.

  27. Ableblogger says:

    Yoga is truly a wonderful thing, i tried it for a week but then left it for some reason and now i regret it

  28. Harish says:

    To be honest I do yoga whenever I get time in the morning. I have felt lots of changes in me after I started yoga.

  29. Yoga is a way to keep healthy.It keeps our mind and body fresh for all the day.I love to do yoga in the morning.

  30. Health and body weights depends on routine of meal, exercise.It also depend on the life style that you follow. we should always have positive attitude towards our life.

  31. Leased staff says:

    Nice post, Thank you for those tips. We do really have to think healthy to feel healthy a positive approach to a positive result. The benefits of yoga arm is really great. I will start doing that every morning.

  32. Jeet says:

    @Farrhad: your point about positive thinking is taken. But I am not so sure about taking up yoga without a good instructor watching my back and telling me if I am doing it right.

    Jeet last blog post is Are you tired of looking for dofollow blogs?

  33. It the great act to relax and rejuvenate your mind.

  34. Yoga is good exercise for the mind and for the body as well. Thank you for the helpful tips and instructions that you provided in this blog.

  35. thank for giving information about that yoga. this is very nice I gonna refer it in some of my friends. good job post more and I’ll be right back.

  36. Probably even better is if you start to visit some yoga class..

  37. marc lohan says:

    Yoga is a good exercise.i like to do it.If you do it daily,then it will be very good and effective to your body.

  38. teenwebguru says:

    Hm, I kinda want to yoga. Though I am very active and don’t need to lose weight, this is a great article to help people lose wait in a fun way.

    I’ll make sure to stumble it.

  39. yoga is really good for health and mind but i don’t get time to exercise yoga. I have work for 12 hours a day to give better out put.

  40. Davids says:

    One of the best exercises I have ever done. I recommend it to anyone.

  41. Nevertheless, if you combine yoga with your daily weight loss program, it will do wonders!

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  42. game-girl says:

    I agree with the opinion that soothing music does more effect,sometimes I listen to mantras which brings the best result.

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  43. I am an athletic build, much like Elle Mc Pherson. I am tall also, but natural muscle tone. I want to lose a stone for summer and have started using a cross trainer daily. The result is that my body wobbles are disappearing, but I am developing muscles too quickly. My hamstrings and but and rock hard with muscle and I have gained weight instead of losing. This is a problem as I do not want the weight, I want to be streamlined and toned again.Also, my arms never tend to tone up.

  44. Forest says:

    I love Yoga and have been doing it for about 5 months. Weight loss is the least of the benefits… Overall well being is the best for me personally.

    Thanks for the exercises.

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  45. game-girl says:

    Yoga helps people to be calm and stay in harmony inspite of the negative events happenning around,such state regulate the consumption of food,that is why you eat little,so when you are calm you eat even less than usual and your weight comes to a norm.

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  46. Yuva says:

    Yoga should become an indispensable part of our daily routine. Afterall, Yoga is Union with God. In unison with God we can attain whatever we wish, weight loss to capturing the world, anything!

  47. Yoga World wide proven effectively to loosing weights, no need to take medicine your tips sure will be effective. Plus point of Yoga is no side effect and any one can try.

  48. Probably even better is if you start to visit some yoga class..

  49. To be healthy we must think positively and of course eat healthy also avoid things that we know that our health might suffer. Yoga is a good exercise I do have to try it soon.

  50. used tires says:

    I have always been interested in doing yoga. I always see yoga classes at my local gym, but somehow have never taken any… I guess i didn’t want to pay the extra money. I think yoga is a great stress reliever. I have tried some yoga moves that I have seen through tv. Its always a good time. I also must admit that I love yoga pants! They are so comfortable and form fitting you just can’t beat it!
    – till then,

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