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Tackling Weight with Yoga

When weight or health is a cause of worry, you tend to read every article published, talk to anyone who is on some new diet and try it , if nothing works then the mind goes to surgery to get rid of the unwanted and maybe embarrassing fat.

Well I think one needs to find time to analyze the cause of the weight gain, and first start thinking of being healthy, and that does not just relate to eating but thoughts too, you must think healthy to feel healthy. A positive approach is the key, to look beautiful it is necessary to feel beautiful , yoga has a lot to offer and it can be used to give us a healthy mind and body if practiced with dedication. When the mind is tranquil, the energy’s are conserved and utilized well, once your body is pulsating with positive energy one feels and understands health and how to follow it to ones advantage.

Yoga helps us in positive thinking which is a key to lot of happiness. Yyoga helps one handle and bring down the stress level which otherwise can cause a lot of damage. (You may want to read-> “Beat The Stress“)

Yoga also gives us health within which is reflected on the outside too. It tones the body and makes one look fit.

It is a lifestyle and on following it, one tends to achieve peace and health within and ability to fight ill health and be and feel more healthy. It takes a little of our time and gives us a lot by way of health.

Below I have mentioned instructions for a simple yoga exercise that you can try out:

Yoga Arm Raises:

  • Stand up tall.  

  • Inhale deeply through the nose as you swing both your arms up with palms facing forward.
  • Now swing the arms down and powerfully exhale through the mouth. The exhalation is brief and powerful. Just throw the air out of the system.  

  • Continue at a fairly brisk pace, swinging your arms up and down in this fashion in conjunction with the breathing.

Duration for Yoga Arm Raises: 1-5 mins

Benefits of Yoga Arm Raises:

  • Very effective in getting your energy going.
  • Expands your chest cavity and lung capacity.
  • Throws all negativity out of your body (toxins, negative emotions, stress, negative thoughts). Assist this process by visualizing any negativity that has been troubling you being expelled from your system as you exhale.  

  • Works on your shoulders, promoting flexibility and strength.   

Practice Tips for Yoga Arm Raises: As you develop mastery over this exercise, try to work through the discomfort in the shoulders this exercises produces. You will notice that after you get past the initial points of resistance, the energy pathways open up and the exercise gets easier.

Hope this article will help you. Do you pracice yoga? Gave this exercise a try? Feel free to share all your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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116 Responses to “Tackling Weight with Yoga”

  1. Thanks for sharing the importance of Yoga but i have one question that Yoga improves the memory power? I means i along with work i am studying also so i want to know will yoga increase memory power? how?

  2. gas card says:

    Personally, I think Yoga is one of the things that has a main function in reducing stress and allowing you to free your mind from the days daily events. Its also great in promoting proper balance and stretchability. It’s a great add on to your exercise and weight loss routine. Yoga alone wont cause you to lose a lot of weight, but added with a regular exercise routine… you will feel great!


  3. Annkur says:

    Yoga is good … I still remember my dad teaching me surya namaskar when I was in School.

    But when I decided to get off that 14Kgs of extra load — i relied on Cycling. I lost them in 6 months …

    By Cycling I don’t mean extensive exercise … say 2 hours a week in all(3-4 days a week). Some diet control with that (and add some tension 😛 ) — and it worked like magic..
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  4. videostar says:

    I try to listen to soothing music and do yoga exercises and jog.All kinds of systems are good in their own way and brings exellent results.

  5. Pip says:

    There are specific asanas(postures) for weight loss. That will largely help in loss of flab. Yoga is really the perfect foil for losing weight than any hardcore exercises.

  6. CashBack says:

    I never realized Yoga could be used for weight loss too. I thought it was more for improving flexibility and reducing stress.

  7. Seo News says:

    I am doing Yoga for last 1 year and i am very happy with that Baba Ramdev tips are goods for newbien
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  8. videostar says:

    Now I learn how to do some new positions from yoga and hope they willbe very effective for me,Sure I will combine them with music and Tao meditation.
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  9. Yoga seems cool. I know people who’s into it. They tell me too that it’s all about breathing thoroughly.

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  10. ceza says:

    Try just walking around for a bit whenever you start to feel tense. Obviously yoga will help more, but you should always take regular breaks just to keep your body alright.

  11. flowers says:

    Yoga is great! I still remember my school days when my teacher teach me yoga. Its very benifical for our health.

  12. Seo News says:

    Informative Info!!!
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  13. used tires says:

    From my experience, the best way to lose weight is to be consistent with whatever method you are doing, most people who start exercising, start it, but fail to continue doing it. As long as you do it, and put the time consistently, you will see major improvement over time. Yoga is great though!

    Till then,


  14. Think Twice says:

    Although not from the POV of weight loss, I have found Yoga to be greatly beneficial in recovering from a recent shoulder/neck injury – by working on my posture and strengthening core muscles (combination of postural yoga and exercise ball workouts), I’ve found that my recovery has been far faster than I anticipated!

  15. The other thing about yoga is the spiritual aspect which comes with letting go of expectation, judgement and competition. This is more important than the flexibility and physical balance that we observe.

  16. we may quite happily say that we’ve become ‘yoga pros’… but at that point, when you’ve conquered these ego based attachments, you might not want to be a yoga pro anymore – and be just really happy with where you’ve come in your life.
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  17. I’ve been doing yoga for a while, and I definitly can feel a deference in how I am able to move now. The guys on my yoga tapes are bendy to the extreme though. Any yoga gurus out there…
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  18. game-girl says:

    I try new summer diet and yoge exercises to make the program more effective.NOt to lessen the weight but keep it.
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  19. Buy PSP Go says:

    Yoga is surprisingly effective for weight loss, I always used to think it was worthless because you move so slowly but it’s really working your muscles.
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  20. Term Paper says:

    Yoga works for the people like me, who does not find any strength to pull up heavy weaights or don’t have much time to go to club. We can even do yoga at home. It takes few minutes and you will feel healthy.

  21. Koncerty says:

    Yoga? It’s not for me :)
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  22. As long as you do it, and put the time consistently, you will see major improvement over time. Yoga is great though!

  23. Obviously yoga will help more, but you should always take regular breaks just to keep your body alright.

  24. Good yoga exercise for tackling weight. Yoga is really good for health.

  25. Bidet says:

    Yoga is a real great art to help reduce stress and also lose weight. Thanks for sharing this yoga exercise, ill be sure to try it out.

  26. I’m planning to do either or, if not both of them but just wanted to know which one will help you lose more weight rather than just toning? i’m not really a spiritual person so i might skip the yoga and there are so many different types of yoga to choose from, so i’m basically clueless.

  27. it appears that way to the majority of people. Therefore, because of the appearances, many sincere seekers are not finding authentic Yoga, which has some of the highest teachings and practices known to humanity.
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  28. Following authentic Yoga may bring a person not only spiritual realization, but also side effects that might include physical health, reducing or eliminating some diseases, or health promotion.
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  29. While it is not true that Yoga is a merely physical program, it appears that way to the majority of people. Therefore, because of the appearances, many sincere seekers are not finding authentic Yoga…
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  30. To the ancients, Yoga is a complete system, of which the postures are a small, though quite useful part. The word “Yoga” referred to the whole, not merely one part, which is the postures, or Asanas.
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  31. This is interesting. Do you have any other points, websites or tips regarding yoga you can do at home and teach yourself? This would be a great day to break up my day and working at home makes that hard.

  32. Great article, I just stumbled across it going through Propeller. Im a bit late though, I mean months late since you posted lol.

  33. I am not proud of this however, I weigh 230 pounds and I started going to hot yoga 10 days ago, I have gone everyday and I have to say I love it! I love the stretches and I love the focus. I love it that everyone in my classes is focused on their own yoga and their own time and that no one is focused on me BUT me and my class leader making sure I am getting the poses right so I don’t hurt myself or miss my opportunity in the pose.

  34. I found Let’s Yoga throwing asanas at me that were way out of my league in both the first and second Shiva classes. I’ve danced for 12 years so I have a pretty good sense of my own physicality and there’s no way I could do some of those new asanas!
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  35. Yoga is ancient. Losing weight also isn’t new. Men and women have been tackling weight loss for years. And in a head to head competition, yoga comes out on top.

  36. Mike says:

    Yoga really helps with your flexibility! I tried it for about 2 months and I felt much more relaxed, just in general, I didn’t feel all stiff and sore like I usually do. I lost some wright, but not much. I would say that it is definitely worth giving a try!
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  37. cheers says:

    Good thing about yoga is that is a great workout for the mind as well as the body. It sure turns the way of one’s life approach to the whole desire to be healty and fit.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.

  38. Yoga is a great way to live a healthier life all the way around It helps lower stress, and can be a first choice on the road to healthier choices.
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  39. Yoga is great to help relax and make you more flexible. It is the ultimate exercise.
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  40. i have wanted to get into yoga for sometime now I just have been lazy. I really need to start looking into it more.

  41. more and more people are recognizing the many benefits of yoga and wight loss.

  42. Yoga is a great stress reliever as well.

  43. i need to get into Yoga it would really help with my stress.

  44. Yoga is great a great workout for weight loss and stress. Nice post

  45. I really need to start doing yoga a gain it really did help.

  46. yoga is a great stress reliever and is quick and easy too.

  47. I am into hot yoga these days it is great.

  48. Marcin says:

    I’ve just realised that I need more relaxation…

  49. Really good article regarding how to tackle weight with yoga and we can easily reduce the weight by regular doing yoga. Thanks for sharing good and unique article.

  50. Nwaz says:

    Yes i agree today people want results fast, and the new methods are having speedy results but one wonders about the lasting effect and maintaining the regime.

    Thanks for the comment, Richael.

  51. Nwaz says:

    Thanks for the comment.

  52. Nwaz says:

    Thank you for the comment. Glad you will be putting it to use :)

  53. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks for the comment!

  54. Nwaz says:

    Agree with you, but maybe the lifestyle helps one to be more disciplined and more under control

    Thanks for the comment, Ikki.

  55. I’m not 100% sure, but I think yoga does help you lose weight, even if it’s not a massive amount. It does have many other benefits though, as the article suggested. :)

  56. Rohit P says:

    You’re welcome :)

  57. Nwaz says:

    haha Yes that is a problem =P

    Anyways, thanks for the lovely comment :)

  58. Nwaz says:

    Great! Let me know how it works out!

  59. Nwaz says:

    You should try it. It will definitely help you. :)

  60. Try just walking around for a bit whenever you start to feel tense. Obviously yoga will help more, but you should always take regular breaks just to keep your body alright.

  61. Nwaz says:

    Nice to hear that.
    Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the post!

  62. Nwaz says:

    Firstly, Meghna thanks for the comment.

    I do not think yoga will have an adverse effect on your height, but I am no yoga expert.

    Hope to see you around!

  63. Try listening to some soothing music while you do it – it really helps! 😀

  64. used tires says:

    @Simon, I completely agree with your methods of listening to music while doing Yoga and I would also go as far as saying that you should try to do it for many things in life! 😀

    Till then,


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