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Handling Life’s Negative People and Their Comments

Everyone of us can say we know at least one person or have come in contact with at least one person who is negative about everything under the sun. And, we all know how draining and tiresome these kinds of people and their negative comments can be on our own lives.

There are many ways you can help the situation when you are confronted with the person and their negativity, especially if you can’t avoid the situation all together, which is what many of us wish to do. Try to take control of the conversation when it starts to take a negative turn. Keep things from your end on a positve note.

Whether we know it or not, the office gossiper is a negative person, and the family member that calls you on a regular basis with who is doing what lately within the family is also. If one is too persistent, and continues to try and suck you down to their negative level, you can whip the situation real fast by just being honest. Tell the person that you have no intentions to discuss others lives that don’t pertain to you and that you would much rather be left alone to form your own opinions of people.

Realize, that the person just may have no concept of what they are doing and how harmful it can be to themselves as well as others. Handling negative people and their comments about anything, everything and everybody, is not an easy task, but can be handled if you know how to stop the negativity before it has time to start. Always, if you are willing or planning to confront the person and their motives for being so negative, do so with kid gloves. Sometimes, we are not aware of others and their reason’s for being negative in the first place.

But, there will always be people that no matter what we do, is just set on being negative no matter what. For these people, sometimes you may just have to be a bit stern with and tell them that you will take no part in their negativity or comments, and it is best they steer clear of you. Seems kind of harsh doesn’t it, but some people just have to be handled in such a manner, in order for them to understand where you are coming from.

One must also make sure that it is indeed negativity coming from the person and not constructive criticism. Make sure you are not the person that has the negative outlook on things. If someone is telling you something about yourself or how you are doing things. That may be all that it is. Many people are meaning well, but do not know how to go about giving the constructive criticism and can come off as a gloom and doom sayer. Make sure to assess the situation and person you are dealing with as this will make for a better way to handle them if they indeed are.

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77 Responses to “Handling Life’s Negative People and Their Comments”

  1. X says:

    Awesome post.

    In life, we face every type of people.

    We need to cope Richael Ikki and specially WONG and his xD


  2. I find just ignoring people is the best thing you can do. Personally I’m quite a positive person… I’ll always try and help people out and sort out situations (and am always the first to make a joke 😉 ). I suppose it’s just the sort of person you go around.

  3. Swastik says:

    Hey Farrhad,

    As always, rockin’ post.

    You come across diff types of people, not just negative but some too overly positive about things that even if they fail… there’s Murphy’s law.

    A proper balance propels you up in life, and being intrepid about life and whatever you do ain’t gonna do much to yer’ success.

    Good luck,

  4. Sarthak says:

    There are some real real pests in pests in life. This is a great post to learn how to tackle them.

  5. Enk. says:

    Really Cool post, Very true.

    I’ve spent my worst part of my life (though I’m not so old) with dozens of negative commentators. All I did was just take’em as jokes and fun for me and always said “Yea yea yea !”. Today I’m like one of the most tough guy in conversations/taunts 😀 I’m sorry but they turned me bad 😀 – At least that helped me and nobody dares to disturb me now 😀

  6. timbury says:

    I grew up in a very negative, dysfunctional family. My every move was criticized, so I became overly sensitive to criticism. It has taken me a long time, but I have (for the most part) freed myself of the doomsayers and become open to positive suggestions. True criticism is impartial, informative observation, analysis and feedback. We all need that. Great post!

  7. Yo Farrad. This post is so good. I too have negaive people around me and like Simon says – the best thing is to just ignore them!


  8. Wong says:

    Great post Farrhad.

    I personally think that it is best, like many commenters have said, to ignore negative people. They’ll eventually go away in most cases.

    Or, you can just come back with some even better, wittier and more sarcastic remarks. 😛

  9. Gaya says:

    The easiest way is to avoid them. But in most cases they’ll just follow you because they need your attention. Very annoying.
    Great post Farrhad! Keep it up.

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  10. i dont think we can change other people thinking, we just need to think positively will do

  11. teenwebguru says:

    Rocking post. Though annoying, dealing with negative people is a part of blogging. Thanks for the tips.

  12. Nicolas S says:

    Very constructive post!

    The best way to get rid of those pessimists? Refer them to http://www.no-fun.com .

    They’ll get the message. 😀

  13. Melody says:

    I used to live with someone after they lost a loved one–everything became about death after that..it was so draining and annoying that I began to have nightmares afterwards

  14. It depends on the way we see the life and the people around ..

  15. but some time we have to listen all this stupid because we have to survive in this corporate world and have to prove that we are not dump.

  16. John Cox says:

    If you get negative comments it’s a sign that your growing and doing well take the positive out of the negative (o;

  17. It depends on the way we follow our attitude and attain the negative thoughts with positive out comes and response.

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  18. game-girl says:

    I think the best way in this not to react the negative comments and leave them without attention and emotions and they will fade without realizing and coming true in reality.

  19. Cool post man.

    Honestly, negative comments never bothered me. There’s only like one person in the world who I really care what they think of me, but any one else can just shove it.

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  20. Criticisms is good upon molding our attitude, If we know how to handle criticism we must know how to handle negativity.I do accept criticism cause I believe it will make me a better person but negativity or negative comments is different. I do admit that sometimes, I am after to what people say but still I’m looking forward to a brighter vision and be more optimistic and willing to face all those negative comments.

  21. Negative comments are quite annoying sometimes but I just ignored and believe that I’m on the right track upon doing things.Why bother to those not so good comments.^_^

  22. I think it’s important to understand that people who give criticism may occassionally be trying to honestly help you out. When it comes to straight up negative comments, I do one of two things – defend myself or completely ignore it.

    Defending yourself involves having a reasonable justification for your thoughts and actions, backed with details and knowledge. There are some negative commentators that you should take the time to deal with. However, when it comes to those who simply “troll,” ignore it.

    Very interesting post.

  23. Justin says:

    I agree for the most part of it, but on the other hand sometimes its ok to be negative if the situation is 100% bad.

  24. My ex-girlfriend left me 6 months ago and I have become really depressed. I am 23 years old and I am not happy anymore with the life that I am living. I am a compulsive gambler and I just don’t know how to handle life’s everyday events anymore…. Any advice?

  25. simple buddy, we know every energy has two aspects one is positive and other is negative, when you’re positive about any event obviously other person are going to be negative on same one.

  26. game-girl says:

    Now I practice mental self-defence saying affirmations before leaving home and some devices of purification coming home.It takes not too much time,but the real events happenning in that period of my life are lucky and I feel in high spirits.

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  27. gas card says:

    I do agree that negative people in general are not good to be around, but sometimes…. it’s weird, I actually feel empowered by those who are negative around me. It makes me think, boy they are so negative and down, while I am being strong about the situation.

  28. Thanks for this post.
    Yeah its normal to meet different types of people.
    That’s the good thing about life.
    It’s always a challenge.
    If we know how to handle people having different
    attitudes then we good for us.
    That’s the secret of having a successful life.

  29. Knowing how to handle negative comments is just like how you handle criticism. I am open to personal and professional growth, I welcome opportunity to be a better person. That’s why I do accept negative comments positively.

  30. I try to help such people if I can. These kind of people are seek. They need help. I always forgive such comments and commentators.

  31. In our day to day life we meet few person who says negative for us directly or indirectly, so never feel angry think he or she is throwing frustration of him or her, as this is the way we can remain positive. I think this is the post need to be read by all as every person is come across to this situation – Great work!

  32. We cannot avoid that we would meet negative people with negative comments. This article said it right. People these days cannot mind their own business.

    Instead of helping others and boosting them with positive comments, they would make you feel bad about things with their negativity. It is hard to avoid these type of person because even though you are keeping a far distance from them, they will always find a way to get to you and do what they do best.

    Negative people are those who think they are doing something right. They think that their negative comments are helping. What they do not realize is that their reputation as a critic or comment giver is not that good. Just in case you will have a chance to tell them that they would back fire you with another negative comment.

  33. videostar says:

    I try to concentrate myself on the positive sides of this life and choose pleasant people for communication.Such position brings results.

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  35. hanoy87 says:

    This post is very interesting and I am going to do this practically by
    applying into my life. Life is not a game. Live your self without
    bluffing and cheating.
    Play fairly..
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  36. ceza says:

    We cannot avoid that we would meet negative people with negative comments. This article said it right. People these days cannot mind their own business.
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  37. used tires says:

    It is very hard sometimes to deal with negative people, especially when working together on a school project or a business. The negative partner at times will definitely drag you down, and can pretty much almost kill the project, but you really need to pull the weight for the partner that is negative and not let them get the best of you.

    Till then,


  38. game-girl says:

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  39. CashBack says:

    I agree that you should try to avoid negative people when you can. Sometimes you do have to confront them. You can’t necessarily change how they view things, but they might become less vocally negative around you.

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  41. Negative people are everywhere. Learning to filter out what we don’t need and let in what we do need is a true lesson to learn. Great post!
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  42. game-girl says:

    I absolutely share the idea that negative people are everywhere and we should stay positive during the day and make them neutral at least.
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  43. game-girl says:

    I absolutely share the idea that negative people are everywhere and we should stay positive during the day and make them neutral at least.

  44. Term Paper says:

    Negative people have self destructive personalities. We have to maintain distance from them otherwise, it would harm our progress as well.

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  46. It’s good to have a bit of debate, it helps make sense of a situation, so someone has to be a bit negative at some stage.
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  47. These type of people always think negatively for every situation and that’s reason some times they suffer from problems.

  48. oes tsetnoc says:

    just remember that there are many type of people in the world. whatever positive or negative comments they are said to you. don’t mind it. it is a human nature that give negative comments to everyone that they are not like
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  49. neel says:

    Thanks for making me realize that I am a negative person.
    I suck…

  50. You could not be more on point with this post. I have had to deal with this recently and it is rather draining. Nothing is good enough everything sucks, and if they could just tweak themselves just a bit, they could be more tolerable.

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