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Contest – Suggest a topic and win money, domains and hosting!

Its been a long time since the last contest on Let’s Sermo. This is not like one of those usual contests. All you have o do is suggest a post idea / what you will like to read on Let’s Sermo.

This one is really very easy – and you can win with just win with one comment. Now over to the prizes.

The 6 most interesting ones I like:

– Best suggestion wins $25 via PayPal.

– The next 5 best ideas will get 1 year domain registration and 1 month of hosting. (I am planning to use for this)

I am looking for ideas and suggestions only related to ‘Life‘. Basically how to improve our life etc. Just have a look at the posts to get an idea.

Just one comment can get you these prizes.

Good luck!


Cash winner:  Dan

Hosting and domain winners: Kris, Rajeev Ranjan, TechFreakStuff, BAS, Benjamin.

I will be mailing the winners right now.

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93 Responses to “Contest – Suggest a topic and win money, domains and hosting!”

  1. Robin van Breukelen says:

    I have a couple of ideas:
    – Handling long (work) travel times
    – Tips for staying in shape while at the office

  2. Benjamin says:

    Here are some ideas:
    – Receiving and giving criticism
    – Work less, do more
    – Why being a dreamer isn’t bad
    – Geek’s guide on getting intro real life

  3. sid says:

    i Would suggest how to create wordpress themes for scratch windows seven tips and registry hacks
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  4. Seonaster says:

    I think the best topic is about online making money tips and also a hot trends in the google. Hacking and also cracking to some software. You can write a review about some networking sites and 2009 cool sites.
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  5. Seonaster says:

    You can also topic a SEO teens life or blogger teens life. You can also choose a teenagers life. How to managed the teen age life. How to get you partner to have a good time, something like that.
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  6. My sugestion about life is simple, life is so beautiful. If you can face the world you can be the winner and if you lose you will never find the meaning of life. And remember Life without love is empety, it’s just like tea without sugar. Love can make you strong to face the world, and nobody can be the winner if there is no love inside their life.

  7. goaxer says:

    My suggestion:
    “The winners of contest is…” :)

  8. doku says:

    suggestion: the leadership and management issue

  9. thianpa says:

    My suggestions would be :
    – Would you die for the one you love?
    – Life without the internet.

  10. I love this site! Moreover coming to the topic…(Hehe, I would like to win the domain and

    1. Write about ideas, rather instant ideas, how you can improve things around you, maybe country, any sphere of life, where one can make positive impact

    2. Write about the funny, humorous things, that tickle you, or have humour quotient in day to day life…

    These two, would unleash your other side as well…apart from the techno geek aspect of urs!

    Good Luck to you
    Rajeev Ranjan´s last blog ..तब तक, दुनिया बुरी है, मै भला हूँ| My ComLuv Profile

  11. kuda says:

    smile… change the world

  12. Subz says:

    My Suggestion
    – How to balance life, work, and all of life’s challenges
    – Or one for students How to prepare for the G1 test or G2 test or even G test.
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  13. used tires says:

    Oh wow this is a really tough contest…. how about a post and a debate on what the meaning of life is? That would be a tough post.

    Till then,


  14. Brillie says:

    Life… so many ideas to write about. How about giving talking life in everything around us? I mean, we are blogger but in real world we are someone who have different job, social status, identity, etc. Why don’t life category as category for guest post? So, your reader can submit their post about their life. Not your life. So everyone who read your blog can read who else your loyal visitor/reader. (just like me) I would very happy if I can tell my life on your blog. I think, that’s my opinion about life for your contest.

  15. creativegurl says:

    #1-Life’s biggest truth
    #2-Life and Love
    #3-Is god real?
    #4-Things that matter in life.

  16. I’d like to see a post on how people are so dependent on Twitter and why they should get a life outside of it. :) I just had enough of all of the regular BS Twitter posts, it’s be nice to see something like refreshing like that.
    Twitter Forum´s last blog ..Welcome IodifeCed My ComLuv Profile

  17. Richard.Westman says:

    My suggestions:
    1. How to love without smothering.
    2. When enough is enough.

  18. madromeo4u says:

    The defenition of life, the determination of the fundamental nature of living things, and the explanation of life’s origin and evolution, have engendered much thought, debate and research throughout history. The perspective on life at any given moment in history, even today, qualifies as realistic and fruitful only to the extent of human knowledge at the time. Virtual life – a journey into a place in cyberspace where thousands of people have imaginary lives. some even make a good living.

  19. Very cool post very nice point you put in it. I found some good ideas from recent comments. thanks for all views.

  20. @creativegurl– I appreciate your views thanks for all nice things.

  21. Cijo Abraham says:

    Here are my suggestions:

    1) Is there life after death ?

    2) Life of people who contributed to entire mankind

    3) The way to make life successful

    4) The purpose of life

    5) Life , Society and Social Media



  22. Kris says:

    1) How to infuse humor in life?
    2) The art of fine living
    3) How to make the best of life in the worst economic slump?


  23. princemac says:

    Interesting topic: Definition of existence.

    What if you reached a 404 error webpage that is greater than that which can be conceived. A page that doesn’t exist wouldn’t be as good as one that did, so therefore the page must exist.

    So does the page exist?

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  24. good contest. best of luck with it.
    McMillan Miles´s last blog ..Is Decaffeinated Coffee Good? My ComLuv Profile

  25. skidu. says:

    Well, you said you need suggestions for the “Life” category. For this category the best things you could write are:
    – Life lessons (from your life or from any other source)
    – If you are the type of a reader, you could do some reviews and recomendetions of some books that are based on how to manage our lifes
    – And, if you are open to it.. you can do some weekly contests and ask readers to describe their best/worse/saddest/happiest etc. of their life, and pay the best written one..
    This is my suggestion, hope it helps :)
    skidu.´s last blog ..Supernatural @ Spoilere Sezonul 5 My ComLuv Profile

  26. ram says:

    My Suggestions,
    Just follow this four steps to improve life.
    1.Know what you love.
    2.Do the hardest things first in the day.
    3.Allow yourself to feel your emotions.
    4.Be positive and have faith in yourself and your ability to manifest.

  27. How to control your anger?
    How to adapt to different people in the society?
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  28. videostar says:

    I think it would be necessary and interesting to discuss the point how to stay positive during the day in spite of all the negative moments one feels from the first minute he lives his home.
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  29. A topic on How to create a difference between yourself as a Leader, bLogger and a reader…
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  30. I hope this contest is not over..

    Hey you have got pretty good traffic and community participation.

    You may try contest like this “Write An Alexa Review and win 125×125 ad slots” !

    You can choose good reviews and award them the prizes ! 😉

    I hope this can work well and better ! Cheers !
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  31. BAS says:

    Or you can start giving some dating tips on your blog

    People really love such stuff
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  32. Life without love is empety, it’s just like tea without sugar. Love can make you strong to face the world, and nobody can be the winner if there is no love inside their life.

  33. McMillan says:

    best of luck to all the contestants :)
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  34. Video loops says:

    Life – Live to improve the quality of our daily things. Run to earn money without mistakes.

  35. Write about swine flu.. :) best option
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  36. Dan says:

    How about increasing ones confidence? It’s a life lesson that people should want to learn, and it helps in business – the more confidence you have in something the better you are going to work at it; and having more confidence will encourage you to take risks where you might not have before – in life as well as business.

    Dan´s last blog ..The Competition is Looming My ComLuv Profile

  37. Sandip says:

    Write articles on twitter, facebook, iphone and SEOs which is being searched mostly by bloggers.
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  38. videostar says:

    No doubt love is the first thing that should be disscussed in blogs dealing with life.
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  39. Dan says:

    I’m sure I posted a comment on here saying about a post on ‘confidence’…it seems to have gone missing! lol
    Dan´s last blog ..The Competition is Looming My ComLuv Profile

  40. Work is worship and I think being a dedicated person towards work can give you everything ; a prestigeous life and more money too.

  41. Great to see a contest here,
    I would Love to See Some Tips For Keyword research Or On page Optimization For beginners,
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  42. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks everyone for taking part! I’ll just go through all the posts again and pick the winners tonight.

  43. Hey…Really surprised….I am the winner!

    Thanx a ton!!
    Rajeev Ranjan´s last blog ..A long delay! My ComLuv Profile

  44. Well, your life depend a lot on what type of friends you make in life, How about a post on ” who are your associates”

    -shanker Bakshi

  45. My suggestions would be:- 1. Would you die for the one you love?
    2. Life without the internet. Thanks for this nice post.

  46. BAS says:

    thanks buddy, this is the first time I have won any competition online. I am really happy to see that you find my suggestion useful. Thanks

    I will contact you with the domain name I would love to get, in 2-3 days. Thanks a lot

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  47. poker says:


    I think Dan are true that ‘confidence’ is important. But my opnion is little different. Because it related to the Blog. So how can you increase some one confidence through blog right ?

    I think Good Thought It is necessary to make your life beautiful and when it comes from if you are angle it comes form soul. If you are Mankind then you need to read you need to see the good Thought. So in Good thoughts makes mankind with confidence.

    So i prefer please Make one Blog which include Best Good thoughts :)

    No more words to say.

  48. Bidet says:

    Congrats to all the winners, those suggestions were great. Maybe next time i can participate.

  49. used tires says:

    Just saw the update on the winners, congrats to Dan for winning the cash prize! As well as Kris, Rajeev Ranjan, TechFreakStuff, BAS, Benjamin for winning the hosting and domain =D

    Till then,


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