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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Attend School


There are many posts around on the web saying that school is a waste of time and entrepreneurs should avoid it. I strongly disagree with their point of view and here are 5 reasons why all budding entrepreneurs must go to school and take their education seriously.

Learn to deal with people

Working with people is a crucial skill all entrepreneurs must have as it forms the basis of their success. At school you will come across scores of people who you have to deal with- You may or may not like most of them. You learn to adapt to the situation and it improves your networking skills.


In life there is competition everywhere. There is absolutely no field where success is a piece of cake. In school there will be healthy competition in academics and sports. In school, you learn how to face people, work hard and even accept failures.

Learning the importance of time

Time is something that can be never recycled; it is a lost jewel that once gone is gone forever and also remember- Time is money. At school we have projects to complete and deadlines to meet. We learn how to cope with these parameters set up.

Handling criticism

Every one is criticized once in a while. Some people just cannot take it in the right spirit. At school you will get criticized many times for the smallest of things. Thus you will learn to handle it and take in the right spirit.

Combating failure

At school, you may have failures and not be successful at all times. The same is going to happen in the future. 98% of all start-ups fail in the very first year, chances are yours will too. So school will teach you how to handle failures and start afresh. One quote that comes to my mind right now- “Failure is the stepping stone to success”

The article is short but I hope I have got my point across clearly. My message to all budding entrepreneurs is, please take your education seriously and never think of giving it up. Schools and all education institutions play a very vital role.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have any more points to share? What do you think? Please feel free to comment below.

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118 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Attend School”

  1. Rahul Jadhav says:

    I agree with you that going to school is very important as we learn many useful things which help us in the future. The points like Handling criticism, Competition and others are some of the important things that we learn in school.
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  2. Annkur says:

    School gave us the discipline and strength in the mind to face any thing. (come on didn’t we face all typed of creatures at school? what can be worse than that).

    Just remember the lesson and take the PLUNGE! :)
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  3. I will rater call it 5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs should attend an office.. The things which you learn in office..You will not learn anywhere else…
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  4. Annkur says:

    @harsh kya … yaar office mein aap sikhonge wahi office politics and playing around the challenges thrown by the entrepreneur. Instead be the ring master yourself!
    Annkur´s last blog ..James Cameron takes the phrase “willing suspension of disbelief” to a whole new level with his latest ‘Avatar’ My ComLuv Profile

  5. Manish Ahuja says:

    I’d also add that yet another reason which could pull Entrepreneurs to schools is Networking. The intangibles associated with the network that you create with your classmates is of phenomenal help & widens your exposure tremendously.

    Manish :)

  6. Essays says:

    You mean online school, isn’t it? Agarwal is right, This article is not about schooling, it is about Organizationla Behavior. :)

  7. Harish says:

    Obviously great post Farrhad. That’s true we really need to go to school to develop the above characters and to learn English. Its main for an entrepreneur. :)

  8. I have an MBA but what I’ve learned out of school and from mentors has probably been more valuable.
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  9. Not all things can be learned at school but it’s still good to be properly educated and study in an institution. It is where formal education is being learned.

  10. Your reasoning is pretty good! Attending the basic schooling till the high school has no alternative. But I would advice on specializing in something you love, rather than continuing with basic studies. For an entrepreneur, Management studies, building contacts and good relationships is very important so more stress must be placed on studies regarding that.
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    • Farrhad A says:

      I totally agree with you Rohit and that is exactly what I have in mind.

      I did my basic schooling pretty well and now am doing Commerce and Economics since it will help in my business and then I am planning on law or a business related degree.

  11. gautam hans says:

    Schooling is an essential learning place and you can’t skip it. You also get to know what different type of people are there, how they behave to certain ideas. All these can help when starting a business.
    gautam hans´s last blog ..How to create a Facebook Page for your Blog/Website My ComLuv Profile

  12. Well, I don’t agree to everything you say, but still education is important till, you understand how to read, write and speak well, as for the points you mention that’s only occur in school.
    Anyway, you have your points of view, well this post really interest me a lot, I would like to featured it on my blog, way to go.
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  13. Rohit says:

    Farhhad you are talking about higher school, right? If yes I strongly don’t agree with the article. Practical knowledge is the best knowledge. Also in school you learn lots of things which are not completely useful for your business. Learning to deal with people in school and learning to deal with people in corporate world are 2 different things. Competition in Technology Market and competition in Health Market are again 2 different aspects. Handling criticism isn’t important, trying to be the best in the industry is what matters for entrepreneurs. Failures? Who knows this better than entrepreneurs?
    Just graduating (schooling) is not at all essential for entrepreneurship, real world is different!
    Rohit´s last blog ..Had a great weekend! My ComLuv Profile

    • Farrhad A says:

      Hi Rohit,

      Firstly thanks for the comment :)

      You have a view and I have to respect it. I did not say that schooling is enough for being an entrepreneur…NO WAY! There are loads of other things you need. My point was that it just helps you tremendously and you learn *certain* stuff you cannot learn elsewhere.

      I agree entrepreneurs know most about failure.

      “Handling criticism isn’t important” – Now this is where I think you are quite wrong as I have seen that some people cannot handle criticism and react badly to it..and mess up big time.

      Just curious are you Shardul’s friend and are with him in Followers Unite? If yes, then we have to catch up!!

      Again, thanks for commenting and I really hope to interact with you more on the blog.


      • Rohit says:

        Hi Farrhad,

        Great to see you and I appreciate your tweeting to let me know you replied.

        Yes I am Shardul’s friend and we both are excited for FollowersUnite. I understand your point but I would like to make one conclusion: Successful entrepreneur is not the one who have 100s of degrees. He/She is the one who makes others lives more simpler. And not just they make others lives simpler but they figure out effective source for revenue as well.

        Schooling is not a compulsion if you have confidence in you (my optimism is at high :))!

        I will look forward for your upcoming posts. Stay in touch.
        Rohit´s last blog ..Had a great weekend! My ComLuv Profile

        • Farrhad A says:

          Hi Rohit,

          Thanks for commenting back 😀

          Yes I agree completely with you…100 degrees and all no wayy!!

          I was just saying that people keep saying that school is useless while it is not.

          Btw I am definitely not for the nerdy lot 😛


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  15. used tires says:

    I consider myself to be an entrepreneur, but yet I still attend a University, because I want to expand my knowledge, and that will surely help me even more as an entrepreneur, it just opens up my options.

    Till then,


  16. Monik says:

    Yup, Going to School is the First step towards any Successful Attempt.
    Monik´s last blog ..5 things to do before starting any Project : Learning from My mistakes My ComLuv Profile

  17. Jage says:

    yes, i agree, entrepreneur must go to school, not just try and error
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  18. Hami says:

    Schooling is the essential part of our life. I have learnt how to be a good mate and that helps in getting social on web.
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  19. Essays says:

    We need bookish knowledge with practice experience for business success. So don’t find and relax.

  20. I strongly agree. We do hear about many people who made it big that didnt attend school but what about the 99.99% of those without education that fail miserably? You have so much more chance of success if you have an education. In my opinion the important thing is that you maintain an open mind and always question things.
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  21. videostar says:

    No doubt we must learn all the time.The life brings new tasks we must solve.We must learn and master the skills we need at the moment of being.The second question is where to learn?Shcool is not the only place to study.I use any opportunity to learn something new.
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    • used tires says:

      @videostar you are right school is not the only place to learn, you must take advantage everyday of life’s teaching, but it still though school should be the #1 place to learn and improve yourself as an entrepreneur.

      Till then,


  22. videostar says:

    No doubt we must learn all the time.The life brings new tasks we must solve.We must learn and master the skills we need at the moment of being.The second question is where to learn?Shcool is not the only place to study.I use any opportunity to learn something new.
    videostar´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at My ComLuv Profile

  23. TechZoomIn says:

    Great points dude..I must attend school now..Competition and patients are the key to stand by…
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  24. I agree , if not for anything else an entrepreneour must go to school at least to learn how to handle criticism.

    -Shanker Bakshi
    How to Make Money with blog´s last blog ..Cartoon Yourself My ComLuv Profile

  25. Kayla says:

    Great post, I agree. I realize there are many entrepreneurs who are incredibly successful without additional schooling — that is the magic of entrepreneurship. :) However, after beginning in this field after two years of school, I found that I had used a lot of both academic lessons and life lessons to run a business.

    Your post stresses social business and life lessons, rather than things learned while say, studying business in college. I totally get that, there’s no way higher education can hurt! (except for the tuition :P)

    By the way, I came here through Twitter, and I found your twitter landing page an excellent idea. Definitely go my attention — so that page is doing its job! I might try a similar strategy on my own website.

  26. blue-pe says:

    this is important to rate by all people,,
    its good article.. i think school is the one of all way to succesful
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  27. Hmm.. hope it will be nice.. if you could mention “5 reasons why entrepreneurs must attend college” ! 😀

    Kidding ! Nice article ! 😉
    S.Pradeep Kumar´s last blog ..Twitter: A Valuable Source for Flouring the Business My ComLuv Profile

  28. Good reasons, but also a bit more generally think these are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs need real life experience!

    College/School is a sound example as to how these experiences can be gained – and put into practice. For example, learning from your mistakes and handling criticism – critical business skills and really the complexity is underestimated by many people.
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  29. Anna says:

    Of Course school is important! I made many contacts at school who later proved useful in business. Obviously and as you have explained, there are other benefits to it too.. but I think it’s definitely worth doing. You can always start up a small business on the side and parallel them.
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  30. Johnluffa says:

    First time visitor to your blog…Great Post
    I must admit the headline caught my attention.
    Why would anyone consider ditching school – baffled.
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  31. Although education is not a guarantee of success it does help build you up and provide tool/experience that may aid you in work/life. I don’t know why people without education have to diss it it is possible to survive without it by why not broaden your perspectives and connect with people. Oh well to each’s own I say!

  32. TechChunks says:

    It is a very sensitive issue and I think it actually depends on your personal choice. I may be little biased, but I have seen people without a University degree, who were much more smarter than the so called certified geeks!
    TechChunks´s last blog ..Researchers Develop Tiny yet More Efficient Nuclear Battery My ComLuv Profile

  33. I admire your confidence, but at 15, it reeks of immaturity with a lot of learning to do. Assuming I don’t know your age, your sermons are misleading.

    NONE of the 5 reasons you listed above can be learnt at school. There’s something called School of Life and that’s where we learn things. Entrepreneurs are only buying insurance by attending school. It’s a waste of time.

    We can go in endless debates, but if we set a debate, I can challenge each and every point of yours, and let the audience decide.

    Your fan

    • Farrhad A says:

      Thanks for writing in :)
      We all have our opinions. And this is mine, from what I know I have written. I would love to continue this one :)
      And just for the record as mentioned above I wrote this post against those people saying that education is crap and never helps. I am one of the first people to say that you learn most of the things in life outside school.

  34. The only danger with schooling is that it is more a theoretical approach as opposed to hands-on, which is what business is.
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  36. Paul says:

    it is depends on the person, he can be a successful entrepreneurs even he is high school graduates only

  37. This is a very interesting post.There should be more people writing like you. Keep up the good work.

  38. Keith says:

    I think it definitely helps going to school especially when it comes to dealing with people but I think you can be a great entrepreneur without it as long as you have some sort of experience, which could be just learning from your mistakes.

  39. Venksh says:

    Hey Farrhad nice post buddy keep writing…
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  40. Great points. Many people disregard their education as they do not see value in the actual courses. There is far more that can be learned instead of just what is in your text books. It is an entire life experience. You learn a lot as a person, not just as a student.

  41. Yup! Agree i am with you. the all the fiver reason you describe is very natural and forwarded.Have seems very must for every entrepreneur.
    Continuity Tester´s last blog ..Testing in Circuits My ComLuv Profile

  42. china says:

    This is a very nice & important article. I think school is the one of all way to successful.

  43. I agree that school is more than just knowledge about specific topics presented by teachers. There is something even more important that makes attending classes more social accurate. I think that everyone that didn’t attended normal school with other people/children nowadays have problems with understanding other people.

  44. kanishk says:

    Yup, Going to School is the First step towards any Successful!!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  45. Martin Kono says:

    People have to socialise if they want to succeed. School is a small society which prepares people to battle larger ones.

  46. Android says:

    While I agree that an education is very valuable I don’t think its a necessity. Most of the stuff you use in the real world you learn through experiences. A lot of things are all about trial and error.
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  47. I really agree that an education can better set you up for success do to all the life lessons that you learn. The shift from student to employee can be a tough jump. When we first get out of high school we are often not properly prepared to enter the workforce.

  48. While school is a great place to learn life lessons and develop necessary skills, I wouldn’t say an entrepreneur must attend school. Many people have natural entrepreneurial skills and are ready to jump into business without extra schooling.

  49. actually everywhere we must competition cos we born in the world not be the first but we must competition to be the first

  50. Just because an entrepreneur already has a head on their shoulders, it doesn’t mean they don’t need schooling. By neglecting schooling, you may be setting yourself up for failure by not preparing yourself with the necessary skills and thought process. Schooling is definitely worth it if it can help prepare yourself for future obstacles and prevent failure.

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