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How to Outshine with Confidence

Confidence plays a huge role in success. If you project confidence, you can achieve a lot. It is one of the most basic things you need and sometimes it can be really tough too.

Around 1-2 years ago, I must admit, I really lacked in confidence. Now, at age 15, I have boosted my confidence considerably by following some very basic pointers. Earlier I was shy of meeting new people and I used to be very quiet, but that has changed now. Confidence is really a big deal for everyone, especially entrepreneurs.

It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes. -Sally Field

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.  -David Brinkley


So here goes:

Just do it! – Taking action and doing your work immediately will cut down on the backlog. Besides that it will reduce your stress levels. And as you know, if you do you’re work and achieve targets on time, people will appreciate and acknowledge, which is a great confidence booster.

(And you may like to read this post on managing time)

Maintain a good posture – The way you carry yourself can make a huge difference. Not just to yourself but others too. People with drooping shoulders and lazy movements show a lack of confidence.

Look into the past – Have a small flashback and remember all your past achievements. Keep in mind all those happy memories and re-live those moments.

Face challenges – Life is a battlefield. Gear yourself up to face big challenges and give your very best and take a plunge at them. Never be afraid, consequences are very temporary but the feeling of overcoming these hurdles can make a big difference.

Speak up – During discussions, the majority of people never speak up as they are afraid of saying something that will be construed as stupid. This fear is a big downfall. By speaking up at least once in each discussion you will project yourself into more limelight and you will improve your confidence.

Think Big – Look at the future, look at the bright side of things. Dream big.

Help others – Make a difference in people’s lives and try and help out as much as you can. Not only will you learn something but your confidence will go up.

One last point, if someone runs you down, keep in mind they are not perfect too.

Over to you:

Hope you enjoyed the post. Any points that really work for you? Any points you would like to add? Please feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below.

Go confidently in the way of your dreams!

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127 Responses to “How to Outshine with Confidence”

  1. Robyn-Dale says:

    Great post Farrhad. Most persons fail to truly live because of fears of not being good enough. But life isn’t all that bad when you really think about it. Most, if not all, of the most successful people in the world have had problems with shyness or lack of self confidence. But there’s nothing to fear, we are all the same.

    By the way nice theme.
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  2. To be successful with anything in life, confidence can help a lot. Your mindset affects how you approach things and how others perceive you. Without that confidence you may never even take the first step of pursuing your dreams.

  3. used tires says:

    Indeed. Confidence and also street smarts go a long way in helping you get through life’s trapezium. If you are well informed about what you’re getting into on a regular basis, you will be better at tackling problems.

    Till then,


  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m “not an Idiot”. I must be moving up in the world. I like a little sparring once in a while so I’ll say things just to get a reaction. Well It must be five o’clock some where.

  5. used tires says:

    @Dallas: Isn’t that a Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet song? :)

    Till then,

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  6. cheers mate, I woke up this morning and all i could think was this. I appreciate you sharing your two cents.

  7. your article is very attractive. confidence is like as the meaninig of life. we are still waiting for your article…thanks..

  8. Although the Hamilton v. Schumacher battle would be very interesting to see as well since they are both agressive drivers..

  9. The other issue is that you need to be able to openly talk if you are not getting enough time and nurturing in your relationship. That is something you should be on the same page about-and that can cause ill feelings towards a friend of the opposite sex , where they may not be issues if your relationship was fulfilling and secure. Obviously the long distance thing adds a different level of challenge.

  10. It’s not about the Arsenal players “youth”, it’s about the fact that their team is full of identikit players and when they come up against a good side, they have nothing in the locker to change their game. This has been the case for a few seasons now and Arsenal fans.

  11. You are absolutely on point with this post. I have got more jobs purely on my outgoing personality. I wasn’t as qualified as others but I out shined them and I worked with both those companies for 3 years before moving on to bigger and better things!

  12. Rosberg only beat Schumi by a 0.050 in quali so I reckon his race performance should be close or even better if he can make up places at the start and it should stick to the end seen as how f1 is at the moment.

  13. If you try not to compare yourself to others, you must recognize that you are unique. You’re your own person, evidentally, because you have no comparison.Your question is not whaa whaa whaa, it is spunky.

  14. I go to an out of school drama group on Sundays and recently I have found that I am a lot shyer than everybody else- purely because I don’t feel completely confident around them and so I don’t really talk to them much. Everybody else stays in their groups of friends a lot, there are 12 of us in total. Is there anything I can do to make friends with them more, feel more confident, be able to hold a conversation with them? I don’t have any friends at school who like drama and want to come along.

  15. The other issue is that you need to be able to openly talk if you are not getting enough time and nurturing in your relationship. That is something you should be on the same page about-and that can cause ill feelings towards a friend of the opposite sex , where they may not be issues if your relationship was fulfilling and secure.

  16. You may say that you don’t care about how shes so vain about herself but you don’t care? But then you mention how beautiful and gorgeous she is…MAYBE you should look into your beautiful qualities as well and stop thinking about hers. IF you learn at this age to embrace them it will empower you later in life.

  17. Stand out from the crowd. Highlight a personal achievement you’ve accomplished or emphasize a unique skill you have. If you’ve interned in France or assisted a celebrity for a campaign, let your potential boss know about it.
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  19. The first can be manipulated somewhat by listening to driving music or mental techniques or a recent success whatnot, but the feeling will always go away.

  20. I’m mostly down to earth and like to think I am quiet brave and honest. I’m not perfect in terms of personality.

    The problem I have is that, I’m not really sure of myself. In the rare event that someone is nice to me, in RL, I tend to shy away and feel guilty for being arrogant and rude to them in the first place.

    But most of the time I keep telling myself, I am a god and that everyone is below me. This is sort of my way of dealing with the pain I feel from many events. I normally walk around like I’m a field marshal and insult anyone that shows me the slightest bit of disrespect and I can understand why this upsets others, but my only options seem to be to dominate or risk being seen as submissive. I can’t really seem to get in the middle. But as I mentioned I am very kind to people who are submissive to me.

  21. Well, you know… Schumacher is 41 which is very old, though Nigel “Nige” Mansell also won {Australia 94′} when HE was 41. Also Nico is an extremely talented driver.

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  23. I Think being confident is a good thing and people should praise themselves a little bit more :) tell me your favourite thing about you!! :)

    I’ll go first :

    I’m a good friend and listener… if someone is having a bad day I love trying to make them feel better or making them laugh and have a good time. :)

  24. By the end of the season I will gaurentee that Schumi will be in front of Rosberg, no doubt in my mind!
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  25. will keep tracking the event… we will see..

  26. Hi, it’s embarrassing how some spurs fans lay into him…..on a regular basis….like he cant do anything right…..

  27. I agree that Nico is a superb talent but don’t rule out Micheal matching his pace within a couple of races or thereabouts.

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  29. Treat everyone with respect, but to be more confident you need to be less self-conscious. Treat people as if you had known them for years, as if they were close to you and you will see that you won’t feel that shy.

  30. I disagree on Bentleys part. For someone who hasn’t played regularly all season and having just returned from injury he chased down the ball well and put in a few decent crosses. Certainly helped Naughton when he could. Found the head of Crouch on a few occassions as well.
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  31. I like to say, everything you see wrong in someone else is a direct reflection upon oneself.

  32. Personal confidence is something that took me a while to build. Now I can sit down in a club or social setting and easily have a great conversation.
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  33. I could easily say that personal confidence is one of the most important factors that could make you feel comfortable while communicating with people, but it takes a lot of time to build though…

  34. I don’t see how this is going to end well, as populism swells in each country and domestic politics ties leaders’ hands.
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  35. alice says:

    Nice post.
    Confidence is the key to success.Never loose confidence in every situation and in every aspect of life.Take the life as a challenge and be confident in what ever you are going to do.

  36. baby clothes wholesale says:

    To be successful with anything in life, confidence can help a lot. Your mindset affects how you approach things and how others perceive you. Without that confidence you may never even take the first step of pursuing your dreams.


  37. Confidence, some knowledge and guts can take anyone quiet far with some “luck”.
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  38. Your confidence like an unused muscle that needs to be developed. And like any muscle, it never stays
    the same for any period of time. It will either get stronger or weaker depending on how you use it. When you build your confidence it’s like exercising a muscle. It relies on small, incremental improvement on a daily basis. You wouldn’t work out at the gym and expect to have perfect muscles for life in just one hour. So, same idea with confidence… consistent confidence building is the only way to long-lasting, authentic confidence and happiness.
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  39. It is important to have confidence. In all things, jobs and relationships.
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  40. I may have walked right past them. All I noticed was a woman handing out free programs. I did see only the Chicago Sky out on the court during that early time but I thought the Tulsa players were in the locker room.

  41. Confidence goes a long way, it enables you to achieve your goals and be seen as a reliable individual. You must believe in yourself in order for other people to believe in you. It’s all about positive thinking, and energy to meet or exceed the expectations.

  42. Confidence is one of the best ways to instill a feeling of ease when hiring someone. If you are confident in your capabilities it will show. And shine through.

  43. confidence is really important. Great article.

  44. DJ Thailand says:

    This is for sure true, IF it really is with confident, otherwise it just falls apart in a mess :)
    Real confidence comes from the inside, however anyone can get that.

  45. confidence is most important, great tips.

  46. Datadiary says:

    Confidence is the key of success but over-confidence is the key of failure……

  47. It is not that easy to speak up if you are surrounded by people who all the time put you down. But I believe thinking about their disadvantages might help. Great post!

  48. Katie says:

    In the work environment, everyone can use a little confidence! Thanks for a great article.

  49. sam says:

    This is a really good article , really nicely written.

  50. True masters forever have a psychological whip hand over their competitors. They maneuver themselves into a winning position by that specialize in one issue with utter confidence.

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