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Overcoming Your Fears

Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. This is a quote I try to live by daily as it reminds me that whatever I do, as long as my intentions are pure and focused on my goals, I will achieve, even if obstacles lay before me.

Taking That First Step

Taking that first step isn’t always easy. Whether its a step to start a new business venture, go back to school, overcoming bad habits or even regaining and maintaining good health, the first step is hardly ever easy. The reason for this is that most of us are accustomed to living in our old habits and ways and to make a change would mean going against our obtained norm. The normal way of doing things is hardly ever the right way and many times we need to sacrifice the old shell to give birth to the successful new. Most, if not all of the most successful persons on earth made a decision NOT to conform to the norm and have made significant impacts on their niches.

In my own experience, taking that first step, especially in business, removes a huge mental block and opens the doorway to even greater ideas and achievement. Develop the belief in your idea even when others do not see the value. Its not their idea, its yours, only you can truly appreciate and nurture it. So ignore the naysayers.

Denial & Procrastination

As we live our daily lives, we often times secretly deny our instinctive desire to be great because we decide to initiate our plans another day or refuse to believe that we are any good at all, but we all have the ability to become great in our own unique way. None of us was created greater than the other, we are all one.

Take action today, you have nothing to lose. Each day lost is a lost opportunity and makes it harder the next day.

Its alright to be Inspired

Inspiration comes in many forms; through our children, our parents, friends, great achievers, etc. There is inspiration all around us and we will see more of it if we slow down and observe our surroundings and the good people in it. Read books of great achievers, find the company of good, positive people and share dreams and aspirations. The more you associate yourself with greatness, the more likely greatness with follow you.

Find your gold mine

Some of us achieve greatness not through obtaining riches alone, but some of us may feel our greatness through different experiences such as helping others in need or just by taking care of our families. A common mistake some of us make is to measure our success and achievements against others’. This will only lead to feelings of inadequacy, because we cannot be someone else, we are all unique. We all have our time, we can all rise to our summit, but don’t expect your summit to be the same as another person’s. Look within and find your own true passion and be excellent at it.

So today, search within and find what it is that your soul is calling for your greatness, it is within all of us.

Over to you:

What is your biggest obstacle and how do you plan to overcome it? Share with us how you have overcome problems or obstacles in your past.

Guest Post By:
Robyn-Dale Samuda is a Web Developer & Entrepreneur & is author and creator of Sam’s Web Guide – Tutorials & Tech News. He has a passion for the web and loves offering assistance and inspiration whenever possible. Follow him on twitter Here.

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96 Responses to “Overcoming Your Fears”

  1. Thanks for having me guest post on Let’s Sermo, Farrhad.
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  2. Great guest post Robyn. Nice to see someone is back posting here anyway :)

    For me procrastination is often my biggest obstacle. It is always too tempting to put things off for another day.

  3. Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.

  4. Rohit Sane says:

    I was waiting for this day for a long time now and finally, Lets Sermo is back in Action!

    Its indeed great work by Robyn.. Taking the first step to overcome your fears and having complete faith in yourself is the most important.. When I face such a situation, I tell myself ” If someone can achieve it, Its me!” With positive approach, half the problem gets solved..
    Rohit Sane´s last blog ..How to use Twitter as a keyword research tool? My ComLuv Profile

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  6. Yes, you are right, practicing in front of a mirror doesn’t work so well as filming yourself and then seeing how well you did. Besides, bloggers can use these videos for future posts. Maybe a BrettLibrary-TV as Gary Vaynerchuk did :) . It would be great.

  7. Trust that your own natural style will develop – let the real you through – maximize your own unique style e.g. use of theatrics, posture etc (it took 500 paid presentations before I felt totally at home presenting);

  8. real estate says:

    When I was in the Military I was forced to do things that I was afraid of, working at heights etc, but it becomes second nature and you become confident.
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  9. used tires says:

    Great blog. You only live once and fear isn’t something that should shape your decisions and their future consequences.

    Till then,


  10. This has helped me tremendously and I’ve never had trouble with public speaking. I always have the fear thou, but what’s the worst thing that could happen. If you freeze on stage, will someone die? not exactly :)

    • used tires says:

      lol, well no but it’s so important in certain situations like impressing new company partners, etc., it might as well be sometimes.

      Till then,


      • I don’t think people are afraid of public speaking because of something that may happen if they screw up. It is more of a natural fear where you become very self conscious about having a large number of people watching your every move and listening to every word.

  11. Good tips here. Overcoming your fears is definitely a skill that takes time to fully develop and it definitely requires hard work, but in the end it’s work.

    The way I see it, it’s important to always be moving forward, no matter how small the steps may be, on a consistent basis. You’ve got to always keep on moving, in spite of what your feeling.
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  12. The best advice for public speaking is to be prepared, and be prepared well. And then for banishing the fear – go with confidence. Always remember that the audience doesn’t know how it “should’ve gone”, so don’t lose your confidence if you forget something.

  13. its so much easier said than done though :(

  14. IBuzzyou says:

    Great guest post Robyn, it’s true that confidence is the thing !
    IBuzzyou´s last blog ..Suisse : Festival Electron My ComLuv Profile

  15. hey! :)

    i agree with used tires! great post, thx for that!! :)

    best wishes!

  16. A very inspiring article indeed. I’m inspired.

    Thank you.

  17. I’m a ‘singin’ cowgirl myself. I think one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves, when that fear and tightness wells up inside, is to give ourselves permission to GET OFF the horse.

  18. This is very inspiring. The thing with “you don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step” I think is how it goes… correct me if I’m wrong. I think that is really wise. I like it. Also the other points but that one really made an impression on me.
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  19. Always trust your instincts. Thats what they are there for…I really am a believer in instincts. i feel strongly that they are real.

  20. Kesha says:

    These are some great thoughts. I think one of the things I run into often is measuring myself against other people or external guidelines.

    In some ways, it’s a little bit ingrained since this is how the educational system works (ie, basing success on how well you achieve certain tasks), but it’s also hard not to judge yourself against other people.

    Sometimes you envy someone for having something you don’t have. I’m working on this and trying to find my own ideas of success and achievement from within.
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  21. Fear of starving to death leads us to work everyday to earn money to feed our families. Fear of illness makes us go to the doctor and take advantage of preventative care that may avert some of the disease processes that otherwise can take over our bodies.
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  22. It is my understanding that some countries do not have the type restrictions that we have on landing in poor weather. I even saw a video on youtube showing a plane attempting to land in a typhoon and it ran off the runaway. And I saw another special called air emergency on the Discovery Channel that stated that Canada restrictions are less than ours in the United States.

  23. Bluexe says:

    well, yes this post was really helpful and creative, waiting in future good posts like this one
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  24. Amy says:

    I guess it depends on the intensity of your fear and how you can overcome it. Other may be afraid of doing certain things because of several reasons. While others for just one reason.
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  25. Overcoming fears is about getting down to the root part that has the first memory of the fear that is plaguing the person who is experiencing the fear. I would recommend parts therapy. This has done wonders for me and changed my life forever. Dr. Jay Noricks, from Las Vegas, Nevada has written a book describing the process to rid yourself of fears, anxiety and just about anything else that is plaguing you. Seriously, I can testify to the power of parts therapy. It has changed my life for the better and everyday I am living proof.
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  26. A human is always a human. that means there will always be something to make him scared. it doesn’t matter how hard s/he tries to overcome his/her fears.
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  27. I agree with the part about lifestyle changes. I have this semester’s final exams for the next three weeks, and I have already started exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating right. I also take health supplements that I find work very well for me. Thanks for the tips.

  28. Procrastination is definitely one of my major problems. My Father used to tell me…Why do something tomorrow when you can do it today. It is never wise to not do something, simply because you have the ability to do it later. You never know what may come up.

  29. Is that correct
    “face” your own fears and “overcome” them?

    I mean, you fear something then you admit it so, you “face your fears” ?

    Then,you make efforts not to fear it anymore so

    you can “overcome” your fears ?


  30. It will eventually become no big deal. But dont do it alone, without talking to anyone about it. Stay connected with someone who knows these issues.

  31. Visualize yourself successful. Close your eyes and see yourself doing what it is you always wanted to do. If you wanted to open a nail spa, see yourself at the counter greeting your customers, as they come in, with a smile on your face. If you always wanted to be a successful, published writer.
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  32. It is all in ones hand. If I feel I am afraid, then I am afraid. If I feel I am confident and bold, I am confident and bold. First feel, then you will derive what you feel. Whatever you think or believe, you will be able to achieve it.

  33. Thanks! Yeah, that one is hard! You can try imagining the scenario over and over before you do it so that you get used to it and know what to do in every situation. Otherwise, you’ll just have to experience it over and over again until the logic becomes an instictive response.

  34. I guess it depends on the intensity of your fear and how you can overcome it. Other may be afraid of doing certain things because of several reasons. While others for just one reason.
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  35. I am not afraid of failure when I start to redefine success

    I agree with Alvin blog. Sometimes we compare our results with others and start to see ourselves as failures

    So the trick I do is I see succcess as I getting better each day. It is not so much of comparing my results with others but rather did I learn new things today? Did I get better result today?

    I believe the Law of Attraction will bring me the positive outcome I want in life. Reading Bob Proctor tips on law of attraction have benefitted me greatly. I want to spread the awareness on law of attraction by making Bob Proctor free report available at my blog.

  36. The only thing that scared me was the fast take down the runway. Once the plane lifted of the runway it was ok. I would sit for hours on end before my first flight and sweat like a pig. I’m so glad I just went ahead and did it. Just watch other people on the plane when you hear or feel anything “funny”.

  37. Wow wow I was surprised to see my name! Thank you for answering my question. I was struggling with one thing but I feel really encouraged so I am glad I took the courage to reach out. I also appreciate reading other people’s comments as well on fear. I am not alone. So grateful.
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  38. Fear of flying can be cured in as little 18 minutes with the easy to follow steps of GoGetter JetSetter. Overcome your fear of flying and become a calm, confident, and in-control flyer.

  39. This a wonderful well put together article! Thank you for posting it. Love the first photo you posted at the top – it fits this subject – good find.

  40. They must save all quiz papers to use as a study guide for the unit test. As educators we must find ways to build the confidence level in every student. By correcting the quiz paper , my students are less likely to miss the same type of question again.

  41. I have two ponies that I don’t ride because of fear. One day I hope to find someone that can get me back on the back of horse and release my fears. Right now I am trying EFT for my fears.

    • Try leading the ponies for awhile and build a relationship with them. Groom them as well. Once you build a relationship with them you will no reason to fear them. They will help you as you will help them.

  42. I have this semester’s final exams for the next three weeks, and I have already started exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating right.
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  43. It is my understanding that some countries do not have the type restrictions that we have on landing in poor weather. I even saw a video on youtube showing a plane attempting to land in a typhoon and it ran off the runaway.
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  44. Right now I am trying EFT for my fears.Thanks for sharing this cool post.
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  45. Bidet says:

    This is great info, its always important to take that first step, after that first step everything becomes easier. The first step is always the hardest.

  46. SQL Training says:

    Great tips bro, i think it is very important to be inspired and then taking the first step is also very important

  47. Maryagirl says:

    Thanks for the information, its help me a lot. How I wish that I can overcome all of my fears.
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  48. Fear can be paralyzing, literally, for some people. As a camp counselor many years ago, I helped teach rappelling to high-school students, and there were some who were eager to step off the edge of the cliff and experience the thrill of zipping down on a rope.
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  49. periyahotels says:

    This is very great article. I am trying to be overcome on my fears. Thank you very much.

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