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Overcoming Your Fears

Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. This is a quote I try to live by daily as it reminds me that whatever I do, as long as my intentions are pure and focused on my goals, I will achieve, even if obstacles lay before me.

Taking That First Step

Taking that first step isn’t always easy. Whether its a step to start a new business venture, go back to school, overcoming bad habits or even regaining and maintaining good health, the first step is hardly ever easy. The reason for this is that most of us are accustomed to living in our old habits and ways and to make a change would mean going against our obtained norm. The normal way of doing things is hardly ever the right way and many times we need to sacrifice the old shell to give birth to the successful new. Most, if not all of the most successful persons on earth made a decision NOT to conform to the norm and have made significant impacts on their niches.

In my own experience, taking that first step, especially in business, removes a huge mental block and opens the doorway to even greater ideas and achievement. Develop the belief in your idea even when others do not see the value. Its not their idea, its yours, only you can truly appreciate and nurture it. So ignore the naysayers.

Denial & Procrastination

As we live our daily lives, we often times secretly deny our instinctive desire to be great because we decide to initiate our plans another day or refuse to believe that we are any good at all, but we all have the ability to become great in our own unique way. None of us was created greater than the other, we are all one.

Take action today, you have nothing to lose. Each day lost is a lost opportunity and makes it harder the next day.

Its alright to be Inspired

Inspiration comes in many forms; through our children, our parents, friends, great achievers, etc. There is inspiration all around us and we will see more of it if we slow down and observe our surroundings and the good people in it. Read books of great achievers, find the company of good, positive people and share dreams and aspirations. The more you associate yourself with greatness, the more likely greatness with follow you.

Find your gold mine

Some of us achieve greatness not through obtaining riches alone, but some of us may feel our greatness through different experiences such as helping others in need or just by taking care of our families. A common mistake some of us make is to measure our success and achievements against others’. This will only lead to feelings of inadequacy, because we cannot be someone else, we are all unique. We all have our time, we can all rise to our summit, but don’t expect your summit to be the same as another person’s. Look within and find your own true passion and be excellent at it.

So today, search within and find what it is that your soul is calling for your greatness, it is within all of us.

Over to you:

What is your biggest obstacle and how do you plan to overcome it? Share with us how you have overcome problems or obstacles in your past.

Guest Post By:
Robyn-Dale Samuda is a Web Developer & Entrepreneur & is author and creator of Sam’s Web Guide – Tutorials & Tech News. He has a passion for the web and loves offering assistance and inspiration whenever possible. Follow him on twitter Here.

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96 Responses to “Overcoming Your Fears”

  1. Some fear-of-flying programs are on tape so you can listen to instructions for relaxation and breathing.
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  2. agree inspiration from any way by any one, as this post quite inspirational but some time hard to take step but such courageous people been lot of helpful.
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  3. Amanda says:

    Great write-up. Quite inspiring and I would just love to add that i make the mistake of comparing my personal achievements to that of my friends and each time i do that, it doesn’t help. Either i feel bad that i haven’t done as well as the ones ahead of me or i feel a false sense of achievement when i compare myself to the ones i am doing better than. Either way, you we should live life with the realization that life is much more than personal achievements. We should find a passion in life for something bigger than our personal dreams. A selfless cause, passion and mission to reach out to people that need what we can offer and make a difference in the world we live in. That selfless effort that allows us to see the world beyond our personal dreams and aspirations, is the most noble way to live. Just my opinion

  4. Overcoming your fears is definitely a skill that takes time to fully develop and it definitely requires hard work, but in the end it’s work. The only thing that scared me was the fast take down the runway. So everyone should try to to get rid of his own fear.

  5. budi wadud says:

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  6. Luis says:

    this is a great article. thanks for sharing
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  7. Denial and procrastination are the WORST. Most of us have problems with them though…

  8. It is a very good tip and a obvious one, but yes one step at a time, build your confidence slowly and as with everything in life the more you do it the better you will get. Grant
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  9. Absolute faith in ones own abilities no matter what anyone else says this is how you overcome all obstacles. This is the key, if you spend your life listening to others you end up like others.
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  10. I also faced the same problem u mentioned above some time back but i got out of it soon.So u have a did a great job by helping others to come out of there fear
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  11. mls calgary says:

    Confidence is definitely important but practice makes perfect. Toastmasters helped me a lot.

  12. Fear is not always a bad thing. It is good to have a little fear sometimes. It keeps you on your toes and focused on the task at hand. But, like anything else, you want to manage it and not let it run away with you.

  13. Robyn, this is a GREAT post. you really touched me. Too often we think of success only in monetary terms, and that is not what necessarily makes you successful. It may make life easier, but you are not going to be any happier if you are only chasing the dollar signs.

    My inspiration is in the form a small man. Or, he thinks he is already a man. ha/ha. Once you have a child you have to slow down, because you get to see the world again for the first time.
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  14. moreluka says:

    Great post,
    but in my opinion, it’s really hard…
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  15. I can be hard to overcome your fears and work progressively towards your goals. It helps to sometimes take a step back and try and figure out what exactly is going on that is causeing your fears.

  16. Thank you for taking the time to care. I was actually inspired by what you said and decided it was time to get off my butt and do what I need to do to move forward with my life.

    Thank you so much
    Silent Sender

  17. deepak says:

    well thanks dear for the motivation

  18. Tabby says:

    I always try to think of the worst possible situation. Then decide what you would do if that happened. Once you rationalize the events you are afraid of it’s usually easy to see you’re making a bigger deal of it than it is! After it’s over you say “Wow, what was I worried about again?”. : )

  19. Thanks for the post. Really fear is something that can make us in trouble and make our work undone. Thanks for all these tips.

  20. Raymond says:

    In my case I had anxiety, so those fears had to be overcome with meditation and reading a lot of books on the subject

  21. Joshua says:

    They said that if you want to overcome your fear, you should face your own fear. They called it reverse psychology. Everything must be slowly, one at a time; everything must not be rushed.

  22. jagadeesh says:

    thnks for motivation

  23. What always works in my case is thinking about what the worst possibly may happen. And usually the answer is that something will not turn in the way I want. I might waist some time trying, somebody might not like some of my ideas, but that is all. This is not so scary so why to be afraid of. If it work out the effects will ne amazing – worth trying!!

  24. Annie says:

    I have such a problem with procrastination, that to the point if I must do it and I have no choice, and I’m afraid of it, I probably perform better, or at least when I have no choice, fear or not, I have to do it. Not a great way to live.

  25. Denial and procrastination, the most familiar stage of fear. Sometimes most people don’t even try and the answer to overcoming your fear is to TRY.

  26. Thanks for this positive mind set!

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