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11 Essential Blogging Tips

This is a guest post by Neil Bergh

1. Ask questions in your posts. Ask what your readers think about certain things that you have written about. It’s a great way to involve your readers and get some conversation going in your comments. Imagine the amount of traffic you would get if you can get your readers coming back to check the conversation in the comments several times a day even though you haven’t written a new post.

2. Get spam protection. This is related to number one. Sure if you have a small blog you can check your comments manually and approve them when you are signed in. However to get a decent conversation going you can’t manually approve all the comments. Therefore you need something that will protect you from spam. If you have a word press blog I think that Aksimet is the best one you can use.
3. Use YouTube. Of course this depends on what kind of blog you have. But I find that you usually can do something that is YouTube friendly. Computer blogs usually do video guides that help people with FireFox or “how to use stumble upon”. Blogs about music may have guitar lessons. YouTube is a great source of traffic for your blog.
4. Comment on large blogs. This might be the oldest advice in the book. However many people seem to think that since it’s old, it’s bad. On the contrary it’s very solid advice, but you should put some time to it, don’t spam. Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) once used a programme to find out how many that clicked the links in the comments to one of his posts. Those who had made a comment on the first page had recived almost 100 clicks each, also the statistics was based on 5000 visitors. Imagine a post that gets 100 000 visitors.
5. Submit to article directories. I find that the best ones are Ezine Articles, Buzzle and Goat Articles. There is actually more than one benefit with this. You get visitors from the directories, and the articles will also be listed on google with a good PageRank, that will draw some traffic.
6. Work with the social media. Sites as stumble upon and digg.com can bring alot of traffic if you write good content. You might also want to be active on the sites, get som friends and help eachother out with votes. Although I think your main focus should be your blog instead of surfing the social network sites all day.
7. Be the first to post something unique. This requires some work but if you can find some really unique news in your genre that nobody has written about or if you can do an interview with an interesting person, the big blogs will probably pick up on it and link back to you.
8. Meet other bloggers in the same genre. Help each other out. One way is to sign up at Blog Catalog which is a community for bloggers. You can find people to exchange links with or add as friends on the social networks.
9. Participate in forums like Site Talk Zone. Once again you shouldn’t spam, it will probably do more harm than good. Although you are often allowed to have a signature as a link to your website  in the bottom of your forum posts. If you can create a name for yourself in the forum you should be able to get some traffic if people like your content.
10. Guest blog. This is basically a win win situation. You want more traffic, and the host of the blog want more great content. You will bring another perspective on things with your posts. It’s usually a great thing for both of you.
11. The design of your blog. You have to be careful with this. If you use word press there are some really bad designs that just will scare people away. Keep it simple and clean.
Guest Author: Neil Bergh
For more guides visit his blog post: 17 great sites to ping your blog

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18 Responses to “11 Essential Blogging Tips”

  1. Ikki says:

    About point 4: In order to get traffic from them your comment must be the first one, otherwise just a few people will notice you. Personally, I prefer commenting on smaller blogs 😉

    Ikkis last blog post..Why You Should Write Your Headings First

  2. Farrhad says:

    I absolutely agree with you, Ikki! :)

  3. […] Let’s Sermo presents these 11 Essential Blogging Tips. […]

  4. Riya says:

    Point no. 10 is what you are doing :)
    Keep it up!

  5. Jay says:

    I just joined blog catalog thanks to you :)

  6. Alok says:

    As said above social media is a very powerful tool that must be used.

  7. Wong says:

    Great post!

    About point number 4: I don’t think its possible for the big bloggers like JC, Darren Rowse and Jeremy Schoemaker to read every single comment, let alone visit your site… they get hundreds of comments a day, its just not possible.

    Otherwise, I agree with all your pts.

    Wongs last blog post..How to make your laptop’s battery life longer

  8. Scott says:

    Great tips man, I’ve been following most of these for my blogs, and they work great :D.

  9. wiehanne says:

    Point no.8, sometimes it can harm you cause there is people whom just simply add you as friend.

    wiehannes last blog post..6th Wedding Anniversary Blog Contest

  10. Puneet says:

    m using akismet to protect from spam blog comments but still m getting tons of spamy comments …

    i agree that most of spam comments are blocked too but still many there in the approval line :(

  11. Banago says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Roshni says:

    Great post :)
    Will help since i am starting my own blog :)

  13. Indeed those are essentially the basic tips for every blogger but I hate to disagree with #4. If you are new to blogging, DO NOT waste your time trying to make yourself seen in those BIG blogs. No one is interested in you. Unless you are commenting something controversial like ‘why I hate Dareen Rowse’……

    However, this shouldn’t be taken to mean that you can’t learn from the probloggers.’


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..Google Tips on How to Improve Your Adsense Earnings

  14. Excellent list of “to-do” things really. You can always add Twitter to this list 😉

    Also, Just want to point out @ Tip No. 4. Darren truly is a genius, he inspired me to start my blog :)


    TeenProBloggers last blog post..Write content your readers WANT to read!

  15. Ryan says:

    One tip that often crops up in these sorts of posts is to never apologise for not posting, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t post. Sure, set a posting schedule and try to keep to it, but unless the reason for the post count falling is to do with the blog (i.e. server failure), don’t tell people about it! Why would you want to draw attention to a fault?

  16. Nicolas S says:

    Great tips Farrhad, as always. 😉

    #5 and 6 are very popular nowadays… and as for 7, I already have some great ideas. 😀



  17. flowers says:

    Great tips, i defiantly follows these tips..Thanks for lot of infomatic stuff..

  18. used tires says:

    Awesome guest post by Neil Bergh, I am not sure how Submitting articles to directories work as far as increasing exposure for your blog, as I’ve never done it, but it is something I will have to attempt soon, for my personal blog =D

    Till then,


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