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Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesha, gives us joy, wisdom and removes our obstacles.

He is the virtual son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The story of birth of Ganesh is a very fascinating one.

A long time ago when Lord Shiva, was away fighting for the Gods. His wife Goddess Parvati was alone at home one day, she needed someone to guard the house when she was going for a bath, she used her powers to create a son, Ganesh. She instructed Ganesh to guard the house and not to allow anyone into the house.

In the meantime Lord Shiva returned and was stopped at the entrance by Ganesh. He did not allow Shiva to enter the house. Lord Shiva was angry beyond control and in a fit of anger chopped off Ganesh’s head.

Parvati came out from her bath and was shocked at what she saw. She was very upset at Lord Shiva and told him that how on her instructions Ganesh was guarding the house and following her command and request

To make it up to Parvati,  Lord Shiva agreed to put life back into Ganesha by putting the head of the first sleeping living creature that came in sight which was sleeping with its head to the north, he sent his soldiers for the same.

The first creature  was an elephant. So Lord Shiva re-created his son with the head of the elephant. Hence the trunk of Lord Ganesha.

Parvati was still not completely happy, then Lord Shiva granted Ganesha a boon that before beginning of any task people would worship him. Thus this is the reason for worship of Ganesha before commencing any work.

Thus, this is the first post in the Mythology and Classics section.

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18 Responses to “Lord Ganesh”

  1. Farrhad says:

    Its a great post :)
    Hope to see this section budding with posts, visitors and comments :)

  2. Richael Neet says:

    A good reading for followers of Hinduism or those curious about it. This is a nice piece of article to kick start the Mythology and Classics section.

    Since I am an Atheist, I cannot comment further.

    Hoping to see more on other ancient beliefs and Mythology… :)

    Richael Neets last blog post..Iran’s nuclear ambition is World War III in motion

  3. Roshni says:

    Its a lovely story :)
    Indian mythology has always fascinated me

  4. Forsaken says:

    @ Roshni, why did you give your back link as google.com? That is the last website on earth that needs any backlink favours… :p

    Forsakens last blog post..Iran’s nuclear ambition is World War III in motion

  5. Farrhad says:

    Nice observation Richael….. seriously why google? 😀

  6. Ikki says:

    Some time ago, I saw a TV documentary about India and it was about some mystic river on India where people go to wash their “souls” or something like that. They made a small mention about some gods, including Lord Ganesh.

    Great post, very informative :)

    Ikkis last blog post..How To Make your Blog more less Appealing to your Readers, Part II: Usability

  7. LisaAa says:

    This was very interesting, I always loved stories about mythologies and gods but don’t know a lot about those!


  8. Farrhad A says:

    Ikki, the river is the Ganga :)

  9. Wong says:

    Very interesting story. I have always wanted to know about other cultures – Indian included. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of knowledge with us.

    Wongs last blog post..How to make your laptop’s battery life longer

  10. wiehanne says:

    Good one. I always enjoy reading Mythology and history topic. 😀

    wiehannes last blog post..6th Wedding Anniversary Blog Contest

  11. Roshni says:

    You should also post about Lord Hanuman, very very fascinating.

  12. Farrhad A says:

    @Roshni: Next post in this section will be on Lord Hanuman :)

  13. Dinesh says:

    I am a strong believer in Lord Ganesh, nice to read this :)
    Shree Ganesh :)

  14. Very informative post about Lord Ganesh. really fascinating..

  15. Raag says:

    Lord Ganesh is the god i have read the most about :)

  16. Nicolas S says:

    My english teacher (who’s Indian) talked to us about his culture and beliefs. It was very interesting and I’m happy that I learned a bit more on hinduism thanks to your post!


  17. used tires says:

    I did not know about Lord Ganesha, it was great to read something new, I learned alot too at the same time =D

    Till then,


  18. Good read, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for adding this, could be very useful in the future to me!

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