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5 + 1 Tips on How NOT to Write a Guest Post

This is a guest post on how not to write a guest post by Corey Freeman of Diligent Design

  • Use Only Your Worst Ideas

People only want to see your best when it’s on your blog. Instead of taking time to consider a really great, topic-related post for the host’s blog, just shell out your worst idea. Be sure that you did absolutely no research or planning on it. If possible don’t even bother to use spellcheck.

  • Link to Your Blog at Least 5 Times

Guest posting is all about you, the guest. So you should link to your blog at least five times, even if it isn’t directly related to your article. If possible, make the entire guest post an advertisement for your website. That way visitors know who they should really be getting their information from.

  • Use Affiliate Links to Products

If you don’t think you’ve given yourself enough link love, feel free to include a few links to your affiliates in the guest post as well. Don’t bother telling the host that you’re using affiliate links, just throw them in there. Especially if they’re completely irrelevant, blatant advertisements.

  • Disrespect the Audience
You should insult the audience of the host because they aren’t in your audience. You should explain to them why being a reader of your blog will make them smarter, and how you’re only using this idea on the host’s blog because your audience deserves better. Be sure to make the guest post seem like it’s being explained to third graders.
  • Make It Search-Engine-Unfriendly
Forget about including important keywords in your guest post or about creating an interesting title. Instead, just go on and on about random things, using synonyms for every word and don’t bother to use any kind of formatting to emphasize certain sections. Go the extra mile and send the entire guest post in an untitled.txt document.

Bonus Tip – Include an Invitation to Subscribe

Because the guest post is all about you, feel free to include your RSS feed at the end, explaining why your blog is better than any other online. 

Got more tips? Disagree with any? Feel free to comment below.

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24 Responses to “5 + 1 Tips on How NOT to Write a Guest Post”

  1. Farrhad A says:

    Great post Corey!
    I will be writing a few guest posts in the future.
    This will help :)

  2. Sejal says:

    Another post on guest posts, but this is time its what NOT to do :)
    GP’s are really helpful.

  3. Forsaken says:

    Honestly my own opinion, this post actually does not convey a theme or idea. I think this post was inspired by the “How To Make your Blog less Appealing to your Readers” series on I get the idea of what you are imparting here, but I guess there must be some readers wondering as to what this post is really about (~promoting negative thinking~)

    Great post, but you would have done better with the title:
    “5 + 1 Tips on How to Write a Guest Post”

    Accept this as a constructive criticism 😉

    Forsakens last blog post..Generic TLDs – The Beginning!

  4. Farrhad A says:

    Forsaken, you have a point :)
    Let’s see what Corey has to say.

  5. @Forsaken
    No, it wasn’t inspired by, because I haven’t read that series. The idea is just to be funny and to mention things you should avoid when writing a guest post. Hence the title “how NOT to write a guest post.” If you take out the word “not” then it makes even less sense, because then you’re advocating making such mistakes.

  6. Tumblemoose says:

    I’ve recently had a few guest posters at my blog. I’ve been happy to have them. They provided thoughtful prose that fit in my genre, they were very easy to work with and I’ve reciprocated.

    I’m very happy that thus far my guest posters have been so remarkable.

    Your post here is a great reminder for folks considering guest posters on their blog.



    Tumblemooses last blog post..BloggerNewbie is in the House!

  7. […] it comes to social media. I’ll also attempt guest posting, as the benefits can be high if you avoid certain mistakes. And to complete the trifecta, I’ve posted a follow-up to Blog for Profit’s post on […]

  8. Forsaken says:

    @ Corey Freeman, I understand the attempt to make your entry interesting. It certainly stands out from the rest by including some “do not’s” instead of the usual boring “do’s”.

    I mentioned the title to go with the positive aspects of each points. Get it?

    Nevertheless, its a great post…. :)

    Forsakens last blog post..Generic TLDs – The Beginning!

  9. Ikki says:

    Great post, Corey :) These are indeed points to keep in mind while doing guest blogging.

    Your entry also reminded me of my writing style, so I understand why Forsaken found it to be similar to one of my posts.

    Two great posts, indeed xD

    Ikkis last blog post..A Quick Comment on Nofollow

  10. Farrhad A says:

    @Ikki: Two great writers :)

  11. Hey that’s a nice post with some really good points. There are various other points which one can mention and I think I’ll cover them on my blog :)

    Blog Design Studios last blog post..Humble request from Spammer – that’s the least you want!

  12. Manz says:

    WOW – It’s amazing how the brain can skip words…!!!

    I actually thought I read the title as “Tips on How To…” and completely missed the “NOT” – but then as I read the blog – my confusion made me go back to the top and Ahhhh… the humor became evident :)

    Once I got it straight in my head – I thought the post was very funny.

    I like the approach – but I don’t think I’m alone when I mis-read the title. Can you underline “NOT”? Make it red in colour?

    Manzs last blog post..Christmas Themed COOK/DC designs + AC donation update…

  13. You know what? I’m about to disagree with all the points till I re-read the title of the post. Nice catch there and a good one, Corey.


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..Google Tips on How to Improve Your Adsense Earnings

  14. wong says:

    Great and informative post Corey. It was funny too. Disrespect the audience, lol xD

    Definitely worth reading by all!

    wongs last blog post..How to get traffic to your blog – A Beginners Guide

  15. FeatherHost says:

    Don’t forget… blinking text and random colors!

  16. @Manz & Blog for Beginners
    Hahahaha. Sorry guys. Yeah don’t worry, the post is meant to be funny. Glad you enjoyed it. 😉

    Thanks dude. :)

    Corey Freemans last blog post..Critical Update

  17. I’m just now starting to get into guest posting. Geez I sure hope I don’t run into any problems like these. ha ha.

    Gerald SEO Tips Blogs last blog post..5 Free SEO Tools You’re Probably Not Using Yet

  18. Thanks for some usefull information regarding guest posting. Sure I will help.

  19. TheArdit says:

    I like the post, your writing style is pretty good.
    Anyway, definitely stuff you want to stay away from.

    TheArdits last blog post..6 Sources Of Free Traffic For Your Blog

  20. Sejal says:

    Nice way to bring about what not to do.
    Will you be writing more posts on this blog?

  21. […] Lets Sermo presents 5 + 1 Tips on How NOT to Write a Guest Post! […]

  22. I’ve read alot of “HOW TO Write a Guest Post” but not many, how NOT to! You can actually learn more when people mix things up a bit!

    Nice way of getting some good points across!


    TeenProBloggers last blog post..Write content your readers WANT to read!

  23. flowers says:

    This idea is just to be funny and to mention things you should avoid when writing a guest post.

  24. used tires says:

    Pretty decent guest post by Corey, I like the comedic approach to it because he was writing on what not to do, hehe. =D

    Till then,


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