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Question and Answers: 1

Last week’s post got a nice response. I will be looking forward to answer any of your questions ranging from blogging and money making to me! When I get around 15 questions this time, I will create a new post replying to them. Here are the answers to all last week’s questions and answers:

1) How much effect does a site design put on you?
2) What is your #1 way of making money online?
3) What do you think about networking for success online?

1) A site’s design definitely has a strong impact on me. It is the first thing I notice. A good design really leaves a long lasting impression on me. Sometimes a design can compensate a little for content. Obviously, good content and a good design is a recepie for success.

2)Well, i have NEVER looked at the Internet as a source of making money. I blog for fun and for the experience. Maybe, in the future i may get into this. But, sticking to the question, my number 1 source is advertisements.

3)Networking, is extremely essential. Networking sites like Twitter, if used well, will definitely help. You get more popular, spread the word, interact with readers and much more.

1) What made you start Let’s Sermo?

2) Why did you choose to make a blog on a lot of topics instead of 1 specific topic?

3) How much do you make online a month?

1)I had suddenly got this idea of starting a social network. I wrote down a list of domains, all were taken. Then i decided to go in for a Latin word, and that’s how i landed up with “Sermo”, meaning conversation. Then, i realized that i did not have the time for this, so i just installed Word Press and started blogging.

2)There is really no single topic that I would like writing on, I said to myself “What if i get a writer’s block?”. Thats why i decided to keep all options open. But, in the future I will narrow down the topics.

3)Read the answer to Swastik’s second question. I actually do not even keep track, but my best month was around $300 through advertisements on Let’s Sermo and my aviation website.

1) Farrhad, where and what do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?
2) Will LetsSermo become your source for your livelihood one day?
3) Does superman exist? :p

1) I have big dreams. I am sure I will be more focused in life. I may become an entrepreneur on the net or I will achieve my dream of doing law. But hey! Life is so unpredictable.

2) As of now, I do not think so.

3) In my dreams, I am Super Man :p

1) If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

2) Why haven’t you changed your permalinks?

3) Is your contest turning out as you expected?

1) I guess,I would be studying even harder or would be concentrating on sports.

2 )Well, I am little lazy as i have to fix the redirects too. But, i will definitely do it soon.

3) In terms of backlinks, it is great. My comment average has also increased to about 11. The only disappointment is the traffic, although there are days with 1000 visits, it is not increased due to the contest.

This is the first time I have answered my readers questions. Hope I was good at it. Will improve with experience, I guess. Also, keep the questions coming and feel free to comment below.

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20 Responses to “Question and Answers: 1”

  1. Klajdi Hena says:

    Uhmm, how come my question wasn’t answered?

  2. Forsaken says:

    You answered all the answers pretty well :) Looking forward to more such interactive threads in the future…

    Forsakens last blog post..Domain Parking…The Basics!

  3. Farrhad A says:

    @Klajdi Hena: Your question was very similar to Wong’s first question :)

  4. Wong says:

    Yup, great answers Farrhad.

    Its good that you don’t see the internet as a money-making machine. Many people do that, and fail in their online ventures.

    One more question: Who is your gf? xD 😛 😛 xD :) 😉

  5. Farrhad A says:

    @Wong: I’ll tell you that on YIM :p (j/k)

  6. Great questions and even better answer. By the way, did you do your own design here? You have a nice backdrop..


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..Google Tips on How to Improve Your Adsense Earnings

  7. Roshni says:

    Great answers!
    I love such rounds :)

    My question:

    You took a risk by taking a domain with a Latin word, right? Do you think using ‘Sermo’ has somehow curbed your success?

  8. Dinesh says:

    1)How many feed subscribers do you have?
    2)Why did you make Let’s Sermo do follow?

  9. FeatherHost says:

    @ the last question,
    Who cares if you get the same traffic? Would you rather get 50 000 uniques a day, and 2 comments average, or 1000 uniques and 10 comments average.

    For questions… :p
    1) Who is your freaking designer? Your design looks amazing.
    2) What language is ‘Let’s Sermo!’ in?
    3) I lost my shoe, did you take it?

    Great questions and answers btw. 😀

  10. I really like the question and answer concept with the readers. Cool idea. I found this nice plugin that will help you with changing your permalinks and redirects etc. I hope that helps. 😉 PS: the u comment I follow iamge did that come with your do follow plugin or something? I also am using a do follow plugin and I want to state somewhere on my site that I do follow just trying to figure out where to put it.

    Gerald SEO Tips Blogs last blog post..5 Free SEO Tools You’re Probably Not Using Yet

  11. Farrhad A says:

    @Gerald SEO Tips Blog: Thanks for the plugin :)

    Glad you like the concept.

    I will answer your question about the image, very soon, i will have to search where i got it from.

    Keep the questions coming :)

  12. Robbie says:

    Has the contest really helped your blog?
    Are you accepting guest posts?

  13. Very Interesting and sagacious replies to your answers.

    These also express your personality and your great ideas which you have shared with us.

    1 Question :-)

    From where you get this blog design? 😉 Very Nice. If it is secret then you can answer me privatly 😉

  14. Raag says:

    Why did you start a QandA round? Is it helpful?

  15. Hi Farrhad,
    I really love reading you posts but this time you came back after a long. Probably you would be busy in your studies.

  16. Farrhad A says:

    @Logo Designers: Yes, am spending more time on my studies.

  17. Yeah, building a whole social network I’m sure is quite a pain. Glad you took up blogging, though!

  18. It was great to go through the stuff posted on your blog. Look forward to more useful posts in future.

  19. used tires says:

    Pretty good Q&A session, there were a few question that were asked that I got alot of takeaway from the answers given!

    Till then,


  20. That is really interesting, i don’t pay much attention to how a design affects me.

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