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Using Video on Websites as a Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself, why should I put up resource intensive, bandwidth hogging videos on my website when I can convey the same message by image or text to my visitors? But before you answer that, think about this:

Pictures say a thousand words->figuratively.

Videos say a billion->literally!

Videos on your website, are an option not to be discounted as just another ugly way to make your site busy. Accept them as a tool to offer your visitors with an interactive introduction, navigation guideline or another effective method to promote your product or service. People will appreciate you talking to them in person, rather than reading your pompous self reviews by pages and pages of articles. When people see you talking to them via the medium of video, you have a better option of enticing them again and again.

“Naa, I am OK with text and graphics, take your video lecture somewhere else”

Think about it again. Accept it. Graphics, photos, images, text, all have their own limitations:

* using words, the best you can do is describe something and leave the readers to create an imagery of the product/service being advertised.

* Image and photos can only showcase a limited aspect of the product or service, maybe a 2D or a best a 3D impression of it.

However, once a video is brought into the picture, the whole scenario changes. You will be offered an opportunity to showcase your product using all means possible, from a simple demonstration of its working ability, to a practical real life use of it. Your visitors see the your offering in a production environment.

Let me illustrate; say you run a website about promoting your own software. As much as you describe it using words, or put up screenshots of the software in use, there are bound to be countless individuals who would not be able to comprehend what the paragraph describes or the screenshot depicts. But once the entire process is put up on a video with step to step guidelines and tips on software functionality, your visitors can immediately grasp the ability of the software and its functions. Moreover, if something tends to be confusing, you can just rewind the video and see it over and over again.

This concept will work for virtually all online niches. Describe your products and services using the medium of videos and see your websites popularity grow. Once the website is successfully set up, you will be able to appeal to many of your website visitors. People have grown tired of reading pages after pages of text… a video describing the same product would have a far better response.

Put up a video on your website today, sit back and enjoy the visitor appreciation.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Have you put up videos? Feel free to comment below.

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31 Responses to “Using Video on Websites as a Marketing Strategy”

  1. Farrhad A says:

    Great post, Richael :)
    You have drilled the point very well.

    On my Aviation website, i had created a promotional video that did help.

    How can i implement videos on Let’s Sermo, though?


  2. Roshni says:

    Great post :)
    I love your style, but Next time please try and post on something not related to websites :p Like life etc.

  3. Videos say a billion->literally!

    You are probably right about it. In fact, video blogging is becoming a trend right now. The sad part of it is that I’m a bit of camera shy – at least for now…;)


  4. Ikki says:

    I agree. However, we must not abuse from this since, as you said, there are people connecting to the Internet under Dial-up or other slow connections. Populating our sites with too many multimedia stuff (videos, music, flash animations, etc) will piss them off and they will leave.

    Ikkis last blog post..Black Hat SEO (And Why You Should Avoid It)

  5. Forsaken says:

    Ok Roshni, I will come up something non-tech the next time 😉

  6. Aldhis says:

    Great post to compare between video media with other.
    I always love to watch video than read a book or hearing radio. And this kind of media is proven by Hollywood as one of the best way of telling a story and news.
    Anyway, since I’m in Indonesia and we don’t have a good internet connection here, have a video for our blog is another problem as you said at the beginning of your post. It still took much bandwidth and resource. But I like if I can see video in other blog, so… my support for video blogging!

    Aldhiss last blog post..Song of Heart

  7. Acne Scar says:


    Why should anyone worry about those who still are on dial up or other slow connections. Quite simply they need to catch up.

    When the web first became main stream, was it unfair that those without computers still had to get their info from books. It’s called progress – putting video onto a site should not be disapproved on for the problems it causes the vast minority of users.

  8. Forsaken says:

    Hi Acne Scar, you have come up with a great point. But if you read the “How to make your blog less appealing to your reader” series, and specifically part II,

    you can see how Ikki describes the influence on dial up users by putting up heavy features on your site.

    One very important aspect to learn about is that our readers are our customers. If they do not like what they see, they have alternatives. Putting up bandwidth intensive features would only turn away people with slow internet connections.

    We have to make every effort to entice and please the visitors, and not the other way round.

    On the same note, this blog post was specifically aimed at the benefits of videos on websites and I had left out the connectivity issue.

    Thanks for the comments guys :)

  9. FeatherHost says:

    I’d be with Ikki. I used to be on 256kbps internet, much faster than dialup, and could stream some videos. But there were always these people that put on videos at super high quality, taking 30sec of download for maybe 15 seconds of video. Turning down the quality might make your visitors, less pissed.
    Video’s on the homepage of a site turn me away, generally remind me of those ‘skinny’ but ‘long’ sites, like TheRichJerk.

    Those are only my opinions, not sure about others.

  10. I have noticed more and more bloggers and website owners seems to be using video. I think the idea is kind of cool on one hand but one of it’s limitations is that search engines can’t index the message in the video they can only index text. Therefore if you are going to use video I think it would make sense to have a text synopsis right under or near the video for the search enignes and possibly for readers who would prefer to read it.

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  11. Dinesh says:

    I have seen this being implemented on many blogs. Problogger and Shoe are excellent at this :)

  12. yes, very great way to express your view or introduction about your blog or site through an interactive video. But there is an area in which people have slow internet connection, dialups etc.. And the videos doesn’t work for them. But for the DSL & Broadband ones, its great way to interact with them.

  13. Jay says:

    Does anyone still use dial up?
    I am sure the fraction must be very very low.

  14. Forsaken says:

    Hi Jay, that low low fraction just might be your best traffic potential. :)

  15. Sejal says:

    Great post!
    I will use this on my personal blog that i am going to start,

  16. Forsaken says:

    Hi Sejal, all the best in your new venture :)
    Nice to see that my blog entry benefited you…

    Forsakens last blog post..How to turn domains into dollars – Part 1

  17. Raag says:

    Very nice post, but I have no time to create videos.

  18. […] Richael wrote an interesting post today onUsing Video on Websites as a Marketing Strategy | Let's Sermo …Here’s a quick excerptAsk yourself, why should I put up resource intensive, bandwidth hogging videos on my website when I can convey the same message by image or text to my visitors? But before you answer that read this post. […]

  19. Farrhad A says:

    Scrolling through a few popular blogs, i think videos are really the new trend :)

  20. yup , i’m agree.

    Pictures say a thousand words->figuratively.

    Videos say a billion->literally!

    but video also need a billion seconds for load for me! cause i’m still using dial up. :)

    Busby SEO Tests last blog post..SEO guide for beginners

  21. Nice Article Richael!
    I enjoyed reading that, because it’s pretty much STILL the latest hype. Even though this article is more than a month old, I think viewers/readers see a real person talk to them really makes them feel secure-er and safer.


    TeenProBloggers last blog post..Write content your readers WANT to read!

  22. As I said in my last comment that there is a section of people who suffer by not viewing the internet videos. As ‘Busby SEO test’ is one of them. I agree that this section would be very small, but still exists :-)

  23. I would like to start video blogging, but I’m a little shy as well. My computer has a built in camera and microphone, so I just need to stop being shy and get around to it!

    Alex | last blog post is WordPress just got more friendly: Hello!

  24. Great post, Richael :) I enjoyed reading that… Loved ur style…
    n ya now-a-days video blogging is becoming a trend…

  25. Sridharaya says:

    To start earning money with your blog, initially use Google Adsense but gradually as your traffic increases, keep adding more and more money making programs to your site.

  26. Curt says:

    you are right. video blogging is becoming more and more popular. also video can express a thought more than a photo. people feel interested about video rather than a photo.

  27. It is effective and I also confirmed it fro other SEO expert, but I cannot understand that how Google will read the movie file.

  28. used tires says:

    Video’s aren’t so bad though nowadays considering that you have video hosting websites like youtube, that you can just upload your videos threw their and embed them on your website, and the best thing of all you get the video on your website, without damaging your own bandwidth, and you get free promotion across youtube, it’s always a win-win situation, hehe. I do use alot of video promotion for my personal blog, and I’ve found that it does work quite well, and I get extra traffic coming in from youtube where I host my videos, which is the best part =D

    Till then,


  29. Video is also marketing strategy for websites. It’s also helps to increase visitors.

  30. nice blog post about this subject. this makes me ask a question though, so i dont really understand the relation of this topic and your entire website. it just doesnt go together. But nontheless i found it very readable. Cheers, Rizwan

  31. Myles Catton says:

    I always enjoy reading intelligent articles by an individual who is obviously up to snuff on their chosen subject. I’ll be following this thread with great interest. Keep up the good work, see you next time

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