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Interview with Paul Stamatiou

From now on I will be regularly be interviewing famous personalities who can inspire everyone. The first being Paul Stamatiou (@Stammy), read on to find out more about this technology freak who is the one behind Skribit, a service to help bloggers with topics to write on. He is a real inspiration and has an extremely innovative mind!


A small introduction of yourself.

Hi Farrhad, thanks for having me. I’m Paul Stamatiou and am a 22 year old recent graduate of Georgia Tech. My full-time job is working on a startup I co-founded over a year ago, Skribit. On the side I write about technology at my blog PaulStamatiou.com.

What made you choose technology as your career? Anyone inspired you?

Working with technology wasn’t really a choice I made. I always grew up with tech and have been involved with some form of technology, so when it came time to really think about what I wanted to do with my life, I had no hesitation. I had originally been interested in working with electronics and hardware but after a year working towards a computer engineering degree I realized I wanted to work with the software, specifically web applications.

With reference to Skribit, How would you describe the responsibilities of your position?

One of the best things about working on a startup is that I don’t have just a small set of responsibilities. Pretty much every aspect of the company is my responsibility. While a good portion of my time is spent programming, I also deal with customer support, marketing and business issues. It’s a great mix and I never have to find things to do nor do I ever get bored as I’m always doing something different each day.

What exactly can we look forward to from you? Any projects you’d like to tell us about?

Well for one, a much better Skribit offering! I will spending all of my time in the coming year working on Skribit and hopefully have something great to show for it.

Who is your role model?

Hrm, this is a hard one. There isn’t just one person that I look at as my role model. Instead I am influenced from many people in my field, even my peers. I enjoy reading articles about the challenges and triumphs of people in tech-related fields and I learn from that.

Thanks again for providing Let’s Sermo with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts? What would you tell tech aspirants who would love to follow your footsteps?

Thanks! For people reading this and interested in the tech field, I’d say that you need to keep doing what you’re doing and get lots of practice. If you want to do into web development, start a side project now just to learn the basics of everything. Find other people in the space and start reading their blogs. When I first got into software, I started my blog as a side project but as I continued working on it, I learned a bunch about servers and programming. Now I’ve taken that knowledge and adapted it to working with Skribit.

Hope you enjoued reading the interview! Would you like to read more interviews from famous personalities on Let’s Sermo? Feel free to share your thoughts below. And if you want to ask Paul something, just leave a comment.

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40 Responses to “Interview with Paul Stamatiou”

  1. Roshni says:

    Lovely interview!
    Hope to see more famous people on the blog.
    And I will be using skribit when I launch my blog :)

  2. Rohit says:

    Rocking new type of posts.
    Thanks to you I was introduced to PS, very nice achievements at sucha young age.
    I will also follow him on Twitter.

  3. Nice to know such a famous person.
    I loved the answer to the role model question :)

  4. To be honest, I did not know who Paul Stamatiou was till I read this post. I saw Skribit being installed on this blog, could you please give feedback on its performance till to date.

  5. Farrhad A says:

    @Forsaken I just removed the widget, but while it was on, I got 2 responses:

    -Tips on Life

    Maybe this was not the right blog to use it on, as Skribit is an awesom tool, i think it may do better on TBP.

  6. Ahh great interview!
    I’ll be surely checking out this Skribit business 😉

  7. Bash Bosh says:

    Very nice interview!
    I like this kind of posts and this is great opportunity to learn something more!

  8. This interview is impressive. I haven’t heard about Skribit but I sure want to check it out because the service will be very useful. Thanks for sharing Paul to your readers.

  9. Hey, nice interview.

    I’m now following Paul via twitter and his blog. Can’t wait to see what else he has to say.

  10. The Moneyac says:

    Great post !

    Sounds like I have found another great tech blog !

    Good interview,

    The Moneyac

  11. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks for commenting, everyone. Glad you liked the interview.
    And Skribit is an awesome tool, if used correctly, see http://www.rarst.net

  12. amosis says:

    oh..sorry but never heard about him..

  13. Nice to know such a famous person.. I like this kind of posts and this is gr8 opportunity to learn something more!
    Thanx :)

  14. Very nice interview farrhad! you done it very sensibly with such valuable questions. Really looking forward to read more interviews of some famous people.

  15. Ben Pei says:

    Farhad what topics do you accept for guest post?

  16. Hello there Farrhad, that was nice of you. I am pretty interested reading those kind o fblog.

  17. Farrhad A says:

    Glad you’ll liked the interview :)

  18. Brad Callen says:

    really very well known personality. thanks for sharing..

  19. Bidet says:

    great interview, its good to see the man behind a start up and see how they think. Hopefully his start up will succeed.

  20. Rehaan says:

    I am a tech freak and am glad to have read this post, am following Paul on Twitter and his site is in my feed reader.

  21. Great interview,It seems that he answered all the questions perfectly.Good luck man.

  22. Brad says:

    great post and its refreshing to see such a young person doing so well. I will be following on twitter as well.

  23. Sarthak says:

    Way to go, Paul! :)
    Great interview.

  24. game-girl says:

    It is very pleasant to learn that there are so cute young personalities trying to find the life-way and selfrealization.Really nice interview.

  25. Ableblogger says:

    Hey this was a pretty nice interview, i hope you interview me someday :)

  26. marc lohan says:

    He is a great person.this interview is interesting and informative.what a person….thanks..

  27. teenwebguru says:

    Very inspiring, I to hope to be involved in technology too. I just love how the job is always changing, you get to be your own boss, get to make your own hours, get to write, and make some great friendships.

  28. teenwebguru says:

    Wow, great interview. I hope to also get in the technology field. I love that the job never gets boring and that you get to be your own boss.

  29. teenwebguru says:

    Oh sorry Farhad, it said duplicate comment the first time, but now it’s posted. Please delete this one and the second comment because I don’t want to spam the top commentators.

  30. gas card says:

    I recently leaned of Paul and have been checking out his blog, it’s pretty nice. Paul Stamatiou seems like a pretty confident interviewer. I think he handled the “role model” question pretty well for himself, as he stated he was influenced by many people and not just one.

  31. game-girl says:

    The interview is really interesting with the man who works hard trying to creat something new,I respect people setting goals in this life.

  32. seo says:

    Hey this was a pretty nice interview, i hope you interview me someday :)
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  33. used tires says:

    Great interview with Paul Stamatiou! I enjoyed reading it =D he’s pretty cool, I have a friend that went to Georgia tech as well, and he absolutely loved it!

    Till then,


  34. bims says:

    He is a great person.this interview is interesting and informative.what a person….thanks..

  35. videostar says:

    Paul is the best!Such personalities are always inspiring and good stimulation for the others.
    videostar´s last blog ..9 My ComLuv Profile

  36. I to hope to be involved in technology too. I just love how the job is always changing, you get to be your own boss, get to make your own hours, get to write, and make some great friendships.

  37. game-girl says:

    I share the idea that this kind of business gives one all kind of freedom and takes away all the limitations from the personality.
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  38. Clair Sidney says:

    great ideas. I always follow your ideas and apply them.

  39. Great ideas. Is Skribit still around? Its always good to see other peoples stories.

  40. Wow, this was a great interview. I hope to also get in the technology field myself – Seb-

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