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Balancing Life as a Student

Balance for life when your a student is a must. Whether it be high school, college, graduate school, or medical school the demands are great and your end outcome is important. Many students forgo their own health to get good grades and impress their teachers and professors. I remember doing that.
I’m very glad I went on to get my Master’s degree, I’m also very excited for a great friend of mine who has decided, after 10+ years in the social work field to go back and complete her dream; to become a doctor. I do not however envy her. Medical school is very stressful. Fortunately she has some wisdom on her side from the University called Life that is aiding her in keeping a better balance this time around.

First let me emphasis that as a student your health is extremely important. Getting adequate sleep will actually help you focus and concentrate better and thus perform better on papers, quizzes, and finals. Do get some type of exercise, somewhat regularly. Whether it’s taking the steps, going for some walks, or actually getting to the gym. You can even tie exercise in with a few other things, like having a social life and studying. Go for walks with friends and take that time to blow off steam, vent, laugh, plan what your going to do when finals are over! Without some fun in your life burn out is inevitable. Which also means limit your studying time. Honestly your brain can only take so much, as well as your eyes. Your whole self needs down time occasionally.

The student who studies all the time becomes a very boring, one dimensional student. I have a favorite TV show about geniuses’ and their lack of social skills that could prove that statement well!

Eat. In fact I asked my medical student friend what she’s doing differently this time around and she said eat, semi-healthy. I could go into some detail about the impact of junk/fast food on your health, that would be a whole other article though. The fact is your body needs vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, protein, in a healthy form versus a man made formed patty of fat. Processed sugars create a quick high with a huge crash. Crashing is not a good thing in the middle of finals. Not eating all together is a terrible idea as well. And those caffeinated pills and energy drinks, don’t get me started!

A big thing to learn about studying is what is your studying style. Do you need to study alone, with others, or a small combination of each? With that knowledge you can then set your schedule accordingly. I preferred to study alone. I reviewed my notes, retyped them, reviewed my text books, and then got sleep. On those busy weeks where all the papers seemed to be do I assigned myself different, early due dates for those papers so that I didn’t have to get five done on Sunday to turn in on Monday. That’s was my style though. There is a lot of educational material to learn to make you smarter with school, however it’s what you learn about yourself and how to create balance for life that may be one of the most valuable things you learn.

This was a guest post by:
Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, CPC is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified ScreamFree Parent Leader specializing in helping people create balance for life, self-confidence, and healthy parent child relationships. To learn more about Tara you can visit her blog at www.mylifecoachtara.com and follow her on Twitter at @Myifecoachtara.
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75 Responses to “Balancing Life as a Student”

  1. Farrhad A says:

    Great post Tara! :-)
    Loved reading it. At this point of time, this post is just what I need to read!

  2. Tara, Farrhad —

    I remember from “The Right Stuff” that test pilots had almost a tradition of balancing the incredible stress they experienced with equal shares of hell-raising. They called it “maintaining an even strain.” Not sure hell-raising is the best way to do this, but I get the point.

  3. francesca says:

    Every student should know all of this stuff. Kids battle a lot on this stage. Pressure can be great. If you do not have good study habits, you might fail. Some kids though can pass doing with little studying. Hopefully they did it without cheating.

    Every person should always watch out for their health. I agree on what you have recommended. Many kids may have difficulties in coping up with their classes if they end up getting ill every semester.

  4. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks for commenting :-)

  5. Brad Callen says:

    Shopping around for the best deals. Trying to keep debt just to the student loan is a good target.It is easy to arrive at university and very quickly spend your way to financial hassle. Cut down on those nights out, curries and kebabs and instead try to cook for yourself more…..

  6. Farrhad A says:

    Thanks for the comment, Brad! Hope to see you around :-)

  7. Ya.. me too trying to balance between studies and Blogging, It was quite hard in the beginning, now Its quite ok.. Hope to improve more in future

  8. Bidet says:

    This is a great post, its always very tough to balance school and other things especially when the tests start coming up. But after a while you start getting a schedule down and than you can start dedicating certain times of the day just to blogging and others just for studying

  9. Farrhad A says:

    @Nicholas Only the initial effort is tough.

    @Bidet I tried that, but as my exams came even closer, i stopped.

  10. School-Life Balance is necessary to be healthy and productive. There should be time for work and time for play. Never sacrifice one for the other.

  11. Rehaan says:

    We both are students Fraudy.
    This is a rocking post, that we must always keep in mind.

    Great post, Tara.

  12. Probably most important is avoiding junk food. With balanced food you can truly feel more relax, concentrated and you don’t need so much time to sleep. With health food you will benefit hugely.

  13. 0845 numbers says:

    Being a student is really tough. I find it hard finding a balance between my social life and my studies.

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  14. Cavite Blog says:

    Balancing always a must. Not only in a student life but also at all aspects. It makes something or someone always at a good stage. Thanks for the post! Looking forward to follow up posts regarding this balancing idea.

  15. Yeah right, I definitely agree with you. Health is very important. As a student pressure is part of it and we do really need to balance our life as a student.

  16. Bea Baylen says:

    being a student is not so easy, trials and difficulties will come your way. student should be guided and support by their parents to balance their needs not only in financial but also in physical and emotional needs.

  17. Being a student was really a difficult one. :) Balancing our time to studies and blogging and some sort of SEO were greatly a great and hard part of it. Sleepless night just to finish all of my requirements.

  18. I really appreciate the help and thiink your blog is awesome. It was a bunch of information bit after reading it I thought it was well written and helpful. I wish you the best of luck!

  19. This blog is really awesome, thanks for sharing specially the idea of giving importance in our health.^_^

  20. I used to have poor health when we were doing our thesis and definitely loose weight. But it feels so great that I am graduating this march. ^_^

  21. Jens says:

    Great post! Attaining my degree in computer science was pretty tough at times. And I remember that towards the end, there was no question of balancing – just getting through with it.

  22. Nicholas says:

    Excellent Article.

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  24. Hello there, I am pretty excited with your next article. Hope it will come out soon.

  25. And to start any sport, for me best sport was swimming. I become more organized, even when you have less time you start to feel you have a lot of time..

  26. Neha says:

    Great post, Tara!
    I am currently studying so this will help :)

  27. Sarthak says:

    Students IMO have the toughest lifestyle. Great post!

  28. game-girl says:

    Great post!And very useful recommendations for students!The balance between work and rest must be observed for happy being.Any disbalance may bring stress and strain that cause depression and illnesses.

  29. Well for brilliant students its necessary that u concentrate on studies as well as other activities which can help u in future.

  30. nice article I am also a student…with a hectic schedule thanks for posting it i got some idea

  31. Great post… I’m a student myself (just about to go into college… not sure what you call it in US though 😉 ) and think that time management is very important. In around a month or two I’ll be starting my exams and therefore managing my work is even more important.

    I do think it’s nice to put aside enough time for your hobbies though… :)

  32. ali360 says:

    Awesome nice post :)

  33. If you are not disciplined and don’t have proper life style, it may affect you in future. whatever you do, just relax and follow some proper routine at least 4 days in a weak. on holiday you can opt for outside visit.

  34. Leased staff says:

    Hello there,
    Balancing is really important not just like being student also as employee.
    Pressure is always part of it so we must know how to handle pressure properly. right?

  35. nice article hope more student can read this. they can relate by this good job.

  36. Really great advice. I work at a university and always wonder why it is that the uni cafeteria serves unhealthy food. All the students gain weight when they come here and it would be so much better if students ate food that helped them in their studying instead of impairing it.

  37. marc lohan says:

    Now this time i am a student thats why this post is really good for me.thanks to sharing it.nice job dear..

  38. teenwebguru says:

    I completely agree. Balance is essential, and fitness stimulates the brain and allows you to produce better content.

  39. Honestly, I don’t really study until I have tests coming up. I don’t want to spend all of my time studying, because like Simon said, it really does have a bad effect on you.

    Alex | Asnio.com’s last blog post..Thesis Thursday #1: All you need to know about Thesis 1.5

  40. My tips for balancing life with school work? Leave school at school. I never study, but instead, focus and pay attention in my classes, and try to ask important questions while I’m focused on the content. I do my homework at lunch or during class downtime, and when the final bell rings, I go home, and often leave my books in the car.

    Should you study for tests? Definitely. However, I think if you work hard, you can get the majority of your work finished while you’re in the buidling, and free up those precious afterschool hours. 😉

  41. When I was a student pressure in doing our thesis makes my health suffered,I always slept late just to finish my task which made me realized that health is really important.
    Either your a student or an employee we must know how to balance life properly and maintain healthy.
    Don’t skip breakfast because that’s where we get energy for the the whole day.

  42. used tires says:

    From my own experience, I know how difficult it can be to balance all of your activities as a student. College can be very stressful. You really learn to appreciate the value of a good nights sleep. That’s really courageous and honorable of your friend to decide to go back to school to pursue her dream. College is supposed to be a good time, but by the same token you are supposed to work hard to prepare for your future. Balancing work and fun is important.
    till then,

  43. videostar says:

    Balancing work and fun is important no doubt,but all the life is balance itself,balance between work and rest,business and education,business and family,and so on.And it is worth learning how to balance to create a really harmonic life.
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  44. videostar says:

    Balancing work and fun is important no doubt,but all the life is balance itself,balance between work and rest,business and education,business and family,and so on.And it is worth learning how to balance to create a really harmonic life.

  45. ceza says:

    Balancing work and fun is important no doubt,but all the life is balance itself,balance between work and rest,business and education,business and family,and so on.And it is worth learning how to balance to create a really harmonic life.
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    Tips are really good
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  47. videostar says:

    No doubt learning is an endless proccess,we must learn all the life to be with the flow,so we are on different stages.It maKES SENSE TO STUDY ALONE.I absolutely agree here.
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  48. Every person should always watch out for their health. I agree on what you have recommended. Many kids may have difficulties in coping up with their classes if they end up getting ill every semester.

  49. Every person should always watch out for their health. I agree on what you have recommended. Many kids may have difficulties in coping up with their classes if they end up getting ill every semester.It need to have the better idealization and generation of good skill to perform up to mark.

  50. yeah that is true to the fact.

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