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Taking On Challenges

Life is full of challenges. They are not supposed to affect you but are supposed to help you discover the inner you. Most people are afraid to take them. I have learnt one thing over time- Accepting challenges that life throws upon you, only makes you stronger in the end. Even if you fail, you have learnt something at the end of it.

Never be scared of failure, learn to face it.

“The word “crisis” is from the Greek, meaning “a moment to decide.”

Never limit your options by quitting on a challenge. Change your path- Find a new path. Do simply anything, but never give up.

Either someone at some stage in life can come in your way or you can challenge yourself with a goal, something that you really want to achieve. Treat the journey towards that goal as a learning experience to better yourself. Remember, you only see obstacles in your way when you take your sight off the target.

Like everything in life, if you want to get something you need to have the determination that will keep you going. If you are not committed, you will never do what is needed to achieve the goals you want.

I was recently at a conference where one of the speakers spoke of dreaming. Dreaming is absolutely essential. You need to dream and picture yourself achieving something, to actually get there.

Be realistic when creating your goals by observing your current stage and position in life. Also, you must set your priorities right. Remember, that every step along the way to achieving a goal is just as important as the last step. There are no shortcuts to success and the harder you work, the sweeter is the reward.

There is no time like the present. The one thing worse than not setting a goal, it is setting a goal and leaving it to sit in words and dreamland.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

That is why it is called the present.”

Hope you liked the post. What are your thoughts or suggestions? How do you face challenges?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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96 Responses to “Taking On Challenges”

  1. I like what u said about dreaming. It is singlemost reason why innovation in any field takes place. Without dreams you cannot expect exceptional things to be created.

    And facing challenges has to be an inherent part of your life, whether it is in work or even at home or society level.
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  4. Rahul Jadhav says:

    It is very important that we face the challenges in our life rather than running away from them. Each challenge will give you some experience that will surely help you in your future life. There is a quote

    “Of everything is coming your way then you are walking in the wrong lane”
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  5. It’s simple If you will take challenges, then it’s possible you will cache your happiness
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  6. RapidSSL says:

    This is good article.I read your article. Each challenge will give you some experience. It will surely help you in your future.Thank you for sharing this great information.Have a nice day.

  7. used tires says:

    The basic nature of humans is to challenge questions and find answers. That’s what made us the most evolved and advanced species in life on earth so far.

    It’s true that sometimes we get frustrated and give up, some more easily than others. In such times, it’s important to analyze your failure and find reasons to circumvent the causes for it in further attempts till success is achieved.

    Till then,


  8. I have found that the best way for me to face a challenge is take a break and go on a walk of something, then come back to issue later when I have cleared my thoughts. That way I can make a more grounded decision.

  9. Sia says:

    I just loved the way u wrote the article. I totally agree. Challenges makes your life. And we just need to accept so we would be perfect.

  10. Deepak Jain says:

    This is surely an inspiring post for people who goes down when they face any difficulties or challenges.

    Personally, even I get down sometimes because of some difficulties but at the end things definitely gets solved! There’s always a solution for every problem. :-)
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  11. Life would be boring if we didn’t face the occasional challenge. Your mindset really affects how you approach those challenges and how successful you are in dealing with them. If you are confident and embrace challenges, doors will open easier and others will react positively to your winning attitude.

    • used tires says:

      Very true, Laptop. Like they say, confidence is contagious. If you can exude a calm and confident demeanor, it’ll help your teammates or colleagues around you pick up a similar attitude.

      Till then,


      • Yes confidence is contagious. Having a group of confident people can make things happen so much easier. Your own confidence is quite important. If you weren’t confident, you might just shy away from most challenges and make excuses.

  12. I don’t want to be just a voice on the phone. I have to get to know these guys face-to-face and develop a sincere relationship. That way, if we run into problems in a deal, it doesn’t get adversarial. We trust each other and have the confidence we can work things out.

    • used tires says:

      I’m the same way. I have to deal with someone face to face making good eye contact all the time. Conversing from a distance or via a 3rd party is simply not my thing and I find it hard to take such encounters too seriously.

      Till then,


  13. esop says:

    Well said, you should never give up and quit when you fail. Some people are like this. They easily give up and lost motivation after failing. There is a saying that you try and try until you succeed.

  14. Why do some people like challenges and some don’t?

    For me, I kinda don’t like challenges. I rather have it easy than hard. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. I face many challenges and a lot of time I dread taking them on. I think I would have an easier time taking on challenges if I see them in a different light. So a question for people who likes challenges: What is it about challenges that excite you?

  15. Most people don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. it gets boring. some people like it that way. in this changing landscape that it business, you need people able and willing to take on new roles and objectives.

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  17. It’s basic In the event you will take challenges, then it’s feasible you can cache your happiness

  18. Nope. Business is a dirty job so in other words Exploitation and family inheritance and a aristocracy education gets you to the top. My mother use to work at a community medical center for 25 years. she was among the top ranks where she worked at. The Owner/Head Manager of the building fired her because she made to much money and had intels on her to get her to crack ( go crazy making her work harder bringing her health down since she has diabetes and MS ) When they fired her the state gave the building a 10K grant. The reason they said they fired her is because she did a terrible job.

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  20. Ralph says:

    I’m all about challenging myself. If I don’t life becomes boring dull and lifeless. I recently started waking up at 3am to start my day just to break routine. You’re right, it does help you grow.

  21. I really liked your post, here I was given “a lesson in life” is actually alive is a challenge, as we know if we are in a situation that needs a solution to solve a problem,,
    life is a gift, the breath of conscience where you can feel the challenge of living
    because real life is never left with the challenge of his name ….
    “Life is a challenge”
    and about a dream that you’re bargaining in this life ..
    “Great dream is where you can be really useful for others, even you had never dreamed of their own could be the best for others, for friends, parents, neighbors and even those who do not even know you”
    and I think it was the best dream of the best ever
    it was you who made the best of the best.
    applauds your dreams tonight ..
    good luck ….

  22. I agree with you. It is surprising that people only realsie that there is a problem when they have been invited to officially open a function.
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  23. It wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

  24. sokak trendi says:

    Thanks for the instructive article.

  25. You can’t really be this ignorant, can you? Why make personal attacks, and be so rude to a 76 yr old man? Takes a big man!

  26. Clearly something you’re qualified to judge would be idiocy. I guess it’s ok for the wide body legend to use the worn out “time of the month”. A cliche which is the only thing on the planet older than his wrinkled ass.

  27. Your helplessness is not connected to your type. There is no such thing as fate/destiny. INFPs are not destined to be failures, although they are equipped with certain traits that drifts from the mainstream reality, procrastination, dreaminess, creative impulses. These are the traits that you need to learn how to control when they are in the way. There is no going back and starting over again, so focus on the present and the future.

  28. Test says:

    Testing comments section.

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  30. Bidet says:

    This is a great post and its very true, we will face many challenges in our life and how we deal with them will change our lives. We should face challenges head on and learn from them. If we fail its ok, we can always try again.

  31. Wow another idiot making an idiotic statement. You must be young and full of it. it sounds like ur the one taking it personal with the old farts comment. grow up and show a little respect.
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  32. used tires says:

    @Car Audio, I am quite confused by your comment…Care to explain as to whom you are gearing your comment towards?

    Till then,

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  33. Here’s a challenge for this blog….a new post at least once a month. It’s disappointing to see regular commenters on here, but no new posts since the end of April.

  34. SQL Training says:

    I agree with you brother, In life there a are a lot of challenges but we must face each of them instead of running away from them. I think of challenges as a lesson of life. Each day you learn a new one

  35. One must dream a lot to get success in life. Also he/she will face a lot challenges through out his life. He must not falter or run away. Chasing dreams and facing challenges is the pathway to success. I agree with you, dreams must be realistic and we must set our priorities right. A great post brother :)
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  36. Mike says:

    I really love this post it’s motivational and I will bookmark it so whenever I think about giving up I will come back and read this thank you.
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  37. One important tidbit about them listening though. They would have listened to calm rational criticism as well. Lots of people acted like some real jackasses.
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  38. Ted feels that through his career at USCIS he has continually been given the opportunity for personal growth and advancement.
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  39. I also hope the author begins to post more content!
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  40. Hisham R.M.S says:

    I like what you said about dreaming .. u r right

  41. alice says:

    Today is a competitive world so all of us have to face challenges.Always try to show positive attitude in every situation which help you a lot to face challenges in your life.

  42. “Practice make a man perfect”. Its not the world of mere passive listeners. So we must always took a lesson of our every moment of our life.

  43. alan says:

    i think life is struggle that should not be underestimated…
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  44. yes, you are right. I am also waiting for new post from author.

  45. Luis says:

    This is a great post I really enjoy it.
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  46. I think this post is little inspirational. A very deep and nice post.

  47. Forex says:

    Yes you are 100% right that life us full of risks, so why shouldn’t we take risk now so that in future we can save some thing. I am a forex trader.and forex trading is risky but we can make huge profit in forex market.

  48. napnipnop says:

    Life is challenge, no matter what you have to face it. Love your post.
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  49. Someone once said that it’s OK to change your plans for the future, but always have a plan, and always have a dream. Without that, it’s impossible to motivate and strive towards a goal. Thanks for the post.

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